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The Entertation Index: May 13

May 13, 2009

Grayskull, By the power of – Warner Brothers has reportedly inked a deal with first-time screenwriter Evan Daugherty to adapt a feature film based on Mattel’s classic “Masters of the Universe” toy line. No word yet as to whether Tom Selleck will be portraying Man-at-Arms or Maria Shriver will sign on to play Skeletor, but one thing is definite: Daugherty is undoubtedly somewhere, right now, putting it in the faces of everyone made fun of him behind his back as he rambled on and on about his “awesome” He-Man idea and ruined countless parties.

Link: “Grayskull” Lands New Writer (Hollywood Reporter)

Hoopz, Sex Tape Release Starring – Everyone in VH1’s reality programming oeuvre who hasn’t worked in the sex industry, take one step forward. Not so fast, Hoopz. TBTS is saddened to read that a sex tape starring Nikki Alexander (a.k.a. “Hoopz”), the winner of both the first season of Flavor of Love and the first season of I Love Money, has been leaked by a former boyfriend. Hoopz, we had higher expectations of you — but by the giant clock hanging around our necks, it would seem your fifteen minutes is up.

Link: Hoopz from Flavor of Love Has a Sex Tape? (24hourhiphop)

Letterman, Alec Baldwin’s Wedding Gift to – Tuesday night’s Late Show with David Letterman featured comedy god Alec Baldwin, who congratulated the host before nudgingly asking Letterman if he’d receive a package sent after Dave’s recent nuptials. Letterman dodged the question, prompting Baldwin to go into greater detail about his gift package of marital aids including “Remy Martin flavored tic tacs, Cialis-infused Lipitor and a very tasteful mesh thong.”

Link: Alec Baldwin’s Wedding Present for Dave (Huffington Post)

Nightmares, Cause of – A recent UK poll revealed that 70 percent of Brit parents reported that television programming has given their children nightmares, including the BBC’s Doctor Whoand American sensation Power Rangers (they’re still showing that over there?). The other 30 percent reported that their children’s nightmares come from standard sources, like dental work, people who don’t carry umbrellas, and a nude Queen Elizabeth II.

Link: TV shows including Doctor Who ‘giving children nightmares’ (Telegraph UK)

Ono, Yoko – Shrill banshee and Beatles-destroyer Yoko Ono supplied the bloody clothing husband John Lennon was wearing during his murder for a new exhibition titled “John Lennon: The New York Years” at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex in New York. The exhibition features guitars and pianos owned by the prolific performer during his time in the Big Apple, as well as the Walrus’ famous wire-rimmed glasses — but says it was “hard to include” the outfit Lennon was wearing when he was shot. But she did anyway, I guess. Your move, Courtney Love.

Link: Clothes Lennon Died in to go on Display (United Press International)

Stevens, Cat – Yusuf, formerly known as seventies peacenik Cat Stevens, returned to the States for his first live concert in almost thirty years at the El Ray Theatre in Los Angeles Monday Night. Stevens/Yusuf, looking vaguely C. Everett Koop-esque, wowed our collective parents with the free-loving hits for which he’s remembered most fondly. His new album, Roadsinger, is his second studio release since emerging from retirement in 2006.

Link: Yusuf Returns to L.A. Stage After 3 Decades at L.A. Show (Rolling Stone)

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