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The B.O.: Schticky Past Trumps Scary Future

May 26, 2009

You guys ready for some big-budget blockbusters?  You’ve come to the right weekend. Let’s take a look at the Box Office for the Memorial Day break:

1. Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian – $53.5M

2. Terminator: Salvation – $43M

3. Star Trek – 22.8M

4. Angels & Demons – $21.6M

5. Dance Flick – $10.7M

In its opening weekend, Ben Stiller’s second Night at the Museum, a star-laden slapstick comedy brings down the eagerly anticipated Terminator: Salvation (more on that later this week). A surprise? Only slightly. Summer is traditionally a massive draw for family films – second only to Christmas – and a marriage between a kids’ movie with all the fixins and a cast of hip-and-now comics (Stiller, Owen Wilson, Steve Coogan, Hank Azaria, Jonah Hill) is a great combination for ‘rents who like a little fun of their own with their kids’ digs. The dismal reviews of McG’s T:S likely  didn’t help the robot franchise either. Bottomline: if I’m writing a script based on this weekend’s draw, its working title would be “Will Ferrell vs. Giant Dinosaurs” (wait, what? That’s coming out later this summer? Damn).

Interesting to note the star of the new Terminator though, Christian Bale, may not be the Hollywood draw he’s believed to be. Maybe it was the explosive and public tirade against an unfortunate lighting technician, but this goes to show that it’s the franchise, not the star, that makes the movie. Hmm. So people didn’t go see The Dark Knight because they were big fans of The Machinist? Note to self. 

Star Trek continues to do gangbuster numbers, which means that J.J. Abrams’ experiment of recreating the mythology for non-fans of the series has worked. Haven’t seen it yet, but heard nothing but good about it. It seems so far to be this summer’s Iron ManAngels & Demons isn’t getting quite the attention The Da Vinci Code did (from anyone else than the Catholic Church), but at least opened first last weekend. And rounding out the top five is the latest Wayan Bros. crapfest Dance Flick, a movie with a trailer I could barely even watch. What happened to you, Keenan Ivory? Just re-release I’m Gonna Git You Sucka. I’ll go see that again. Problem solved.

Elsewhere in the top ten is the fading-fast Wolverine, Beyonce’s Obsessed, McConaghey’s Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and the Mos Def vehicle Next Day Air, which I wasn’t even aware had been released, and still would prefer to believe it doesn’t exist. 

Next weekend’s going to be an interesting one, with Pixar’s Up going up against the great Sam Raimi’s return to horror with Drag Me to Hell. It should be noted that Rotten Tomatoes is clocking both of these currently an impressive (and unusual) 100%, though with what we learned this weekend, it’s a no-brainer that Up should wipe the screamer out. Still, go see whatever you want. It’s a free country.

Link:  Weekend Box Office Results (Box Office Mojo)

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