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Jon and Kate Plus Hate: Bam!

June 9, 2009

Last night, our angry parents and their munchkins celebrated the catalyst to their ultimate demise by cooking with Emeril and acting happy.


Full disclosure: I only saw maybe eight seconds of the episode. I spent the day in a car with a chick, so forcing myself to stay up past midnight to listen to even more nagging was completely out of the question.

I did see Emeril. And children. And cooking. The clan was “celebrating” their 100th episode, which was strange, because Jon used to openly bitch about the show. Anyway, everyone got together and made the favorite dish of a couple eighty year-olds: green bean casserole.

Production Meeting: “OK, we’re having the 100th episode celebration. Emeril will be joining the family, so they should all cook something and pretend they’re happy. Thoughts?”

“Green bean casserole.”


That was when I fell asleep.

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