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The Entertation Index: June 9

June 9, 2009

Carrey, Jim – Hollywood, which has traditionally by and large kept their opinions to themselves, has a new enlightenment guru in Jim Carrey, who has teamed with noted self-helper Eckhart Tolle for a series of life-changing seminars. First tip: “When your butt talks, listen. What’s your butt telling you?”

Link: Jim Carrey, Eckhart Tolle Reveal the Power of Yawn and Global Betterment (Hollywood Reporter)

Chickenfoot – Rejoice, music fans. Apparently Sammy Hagar, who has well-documented trouble adhering to our nation’s interstate and highway speed limits, has put together a supergroup which will key in on two very distinct demographics: those who wish Van Halen sounded more like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and those who wish the Red Hot Chili Peppers sounded more like Van Halen. If you belong in one of those elite subsets, your prayers have been answered!

Link: Chickenfoot Struts Its Stuff at Middle East (Boston Globe)

Colbert, Stephen – Who doesn’t love Stephen Colbert? And who doesn’t think he should be the editor of Newsweek? In the news magazine’s issue currently on stands, Colbert takes the reins as guest editor. Check out his opening statement on the proceedings below.

Link: Why I Took This Crummy Job (Newsweek)

Ever, Best Week – Might as well stop clicking on that link to the right. After retooling the highly-praised “media pundit” format of Best Week Ever to focus almost solely on funnyman Paul F. Tompkins, the show has decided to go on “production hiatus” until 2010, which is industry code for “so long, everyone!” Advantage: The Soup

Link: Has Paul F. Tompkins Killed Best Week Ever For Good Yet? (The Insider)

Gosselin, Jon – Can life get any worse for Jon & Kate Plus 8‘s henpecked husband? Yes. This time the animal people are on his back. And you know those cats don’t stop scratching. New allegations suggest the Gosselin pets are subject to animal abuse, what with eight kids on top of them all the time. Somebody get this guy a beer.

Link: Jon Gosselin Denies Animal Cruelty (People)

Hamlet – Jude Law is currently appearing on London’s West End production of Shakespeare’s quintessential play with, creepily enough, a real-life skull sitting in for Yorick. It should surprise no one that the skull was acquired in Salt Lake City, which doesn’t have the nickname “Human Skull Capital of Utah” for nothing.

Link: On London’s West End, “Hamlet With Human Skull (NPR)

Moustaches  – (See also: Awesome, Looking Totally) I love the Japanese. Simply for the fact that one of their people spent some amount of time putting together a website which allows you to upload a picture and see what you would look like with a moustache. Because honestly, who doesn’t look better with a moustache?

Link: (I have no idea how to read Japanese, but the site’s here)

Neeson, Liam – In addition to recent news that The Hangover‘s Bradley Cooper will be playing Faceman in the upcoming Ridley Scott remake of The A-Team, today we learn that Liam Neeson is supposedly in talks to fill George Peppard’s cigar-chomping shoes as Hannibal. This will surely please all who loved the character of Col. John “Hannibal” Smith but always thought the role should have been played by a Shakespearean-trained British actor.

Link: Liam Neeson in talks for “A-Team” (Variety)

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