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The Entertation Index: June 15

June 14, 2009

Hangover, The – While the Todd Phillips comedy destroys the competition for another straight week, Air America radio personality “Lionel” clearly has some problems with it, deciding to deride the film in a film review that not only fails to review or mention anything at all about the movie, but also blames it single-handedly as being “the death of humor.” Ahh, the old “definitively label something outrageously to get more press” trick.  Nice move. But on the day humor is killed, I’m pretty sure Carlos Mencia will be behind the wheel of that car.

Link: “The Hangover” Proof that Humor is Dead (Huffington Post)

Hefner, Hugh – Former Playboy playmate, Girls Next Door star and Hefner companion Kendra Wilkinson not only recently announced her engagement to NBA star Hank Basket, but also surprised everyone by announcing she’s pregnant. Hefner, who will reportedly be the godfather, extolled his ex warmly, citing Kendra “will be a very good mother,” and adding “she’s been changing my diapers for years.”

Link: Hugh Hefner: Kendra Will Be a “Very Good Mother.” (People)

Longoria Parker, Eva – To raise money for the Dave Thomas Foundation, Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria Parker worked at a Corpus Christie Wendy’s drive-thru last thursday to serve frosties for charity. Fellow Wendy’s employee Steve Guttenberg was thrilled to see Parker joining the staff, saying “Hey, listen. There’s no shame in working at Wendy’s. Really. Sometimes Hollywood just chews you up, you know? And — what? You’re not staying? Oh. Right. Yeah, me either. I was just kidding. This place blows, right? I know. Totally.”

Link: Longoria Parker Serves Up Frosties (WJAC)

Michaels, Bret – Still hurting from his faceplant into the Tony Awards backdrop last Sunday, the hard-rocker showed signs of sour grapes in grousing that the awards show never offered him an apology, stating  “I feel had this incident happened to Liza Minnelli, Dolly Parton or Elton John the Tonys would have at least issued a letter of concern.” The show’s producers later issued an apology, which reportedly included stifled laughter and the apology “Mr. Michaels is a world-renowned rock n’ roller and notorious partier, and we’re very, very sorry that the Tony Awards got too crazy for him.”

Link: Brett Michaels is Bloody Mad (TMZ)

Obama, Barack – Having appeared on the comic book scene as both a friend to Spiderman and an apocalyptic barbarian, our fearless leader and president prepares to do battle with zombie hordes in the upcoming July comic President Evil. Check out the cover here.

Swap, Wife – A mother once featured on the reality television program Wife Swap is behind bars for stabbing her husband. You may remember the New Jersey mom from a 2006 episode of the program, where she switched places with a mom “whose family was not in danger of being stabbed.”

Link: NJ “Wife Swap” Mom Accused of Stabbing Husband” (Google)

Tisdale, Ashley – Check out the following YouTube video clip of the High School Musical and Suite Life of Zack & Cody star making publicity appearances internationally, and sadly also falling into that age-old former child star story of “having it all, then appearing on a Mexican puppetry show and giving a lap dance to a President of the United States impersonator.” Just like Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

Link: Ashley Tisdale Gives Lap Dance to Fake Obama (YouTube)

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