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The Entertation Index: June 17

June 17, 2009

Bono, Chastity/Chaz – the daughter of Sonny and Cher will soon be a son.  Chastity, now going by Chaz, Bono has begun sex reassignment.  This process involves several procedures and treatments, so Chaz is searching for clinics that offer a package deal.

Link: Chastity Bono – Becoming A Man (TMZ)

Cradle, Robbing The – 83-year-old Hugh Hefner has three new girlfriends, two of whom are 19-year-old twins.  With one of his most recent ex-girlfriends, Kendra Wilkinson, pregnant, Hef remarked, “I’m sure the baby will end up at the Mansion.”  Given that he’s 64 years older than his current girlfriends, I really don’t know which way he means that.

Link: Hef says Kendra’s Baby Will End Up At Mansion (Fox News)

Prejean, Carrie – Former Miss California Carrie Prejean and her lawyer contend that the California state pageant organization and its directors set her up for failure by scheduling an inordinate number of events that were beyond her typical duties and on very short notice.  She was asked to attend “community service events …  charitable organizations, rotary conventions, avocado festivals, fairs.”  When told she may have to miss the avocado festival, Prejean went ballistic, screaming, “The hell I will!  I’ll marry Chaz Bono before I miss the avocado festival!”

Link: Carrie Prejean Was Set Up (Yahoo! News)

Really?, Wow, – Film Critic Scott Mendelson appeared not to be joking when he posits that Megan Fox could be the central attraction of this summer’s Transformers 2.  He laments that the sequel “does not delve more deeply into issues of transhumanism and the universality of good and evil that the first Transformers so bravely and eloquently explored.”  He also expressed shock and dismay that young men enjoy staring at hot women in short denim skirts, are entertained by watching giant robots destroy each other, and must breathe oxygen several times a minute to survive.

Link: Is Megan Fox the Main Draw for Transformers 2? (Huffington Post)

Springsteen, Bruce and Phish – At Bonnaroo this weekend, The Boss and the E Street Band played for three hours one night, and joined Phish another.  The crowd went wild for this unexpected mix, but grew markedly less enthusiastic 14 hours into the set after only 4 songs, including a 40-minute jam-band version of “Dancing In The Dark”.

Link: Springsteen Joins Phish (Huffington Post)

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  1. Thy Holy Taint permalink
    June 17, 2009 10:40 am

    If a lesbian gets a sex change operation, and assuming its a success, is she still a lesbian?

    BTW, those fake dicks that they put on there DO NOT look real…thats what I’ve heard anyway.

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