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The Entertation Index: June 18

June 18, 2009

Doing It, Old Folks: 85 year-old Gloria Vanderbilt has written the soon-to-be released Obsession: An Erotic Tale. Gross. However, and I’m going to need you to check out her linked pic, Vanderbilt is undoubtedly the hottest 85 year-old ever. Still, gross. Also notable: Vanderbilt is Anderson Cooper’s mother.

At 85, a Brahmin in Blue Jeans Writes of Sex, Masks and Veggies (NY Times)

Insco, Greg: A Cincinnati man trudged 2200 miles in an attempt to lock-up one of the contestant spots on the next Survivor. Unfortunately, producers saw him as being “too nice” for television. Insco walked from Ohio to Beverly Hills to hand-deliver his audition tape. “Clever,” they probably said. “Now get your ass out of here. You got a long walk ahead of you.”

Guy Who Walked 2200 Miles ‘Too Nice’ For TV (Warming Glow)

Joel, Billy: 80’s icon and marrying machine Billy Joel has split from his third wife, Katie Lee. What’s more sad is that he wrote the song “All My Life” as a gift to her on their second anniversary. Funny. I always though KC and Jo-Jo wrote that song. What’s even more sad is that this event will probably not keep annoying douche bag girls from requesting—and loudly singing—“Piano Man” at bars.

Billy Joel Splits With Katie Lee, Third Wife (HuffPo Entertainment)

Shatner, William: Former Rescue 911 host and probably other stuff was on Conan last night. He either did some druggin’ or drankin’ beforehand, because he acted like a creepy weirdo. Pantomiming lewd gestures and flipping Conan the bird highlights.

William Shatner Mimes Masturbation, Flicks Off Conan on Tonight Show (Defamer)

Smith, Will: Smith and his wife, Jada, apparently like to romp in the house of others while attending parties in order to spice up their sex life. I mean, OK, but I thought the Smiths’ image was that they were really good looking and well-dressed nerds. Doing it in other peoples’ house while a party’s going on? What would Hitch think?

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith Have Sex at Parties (The Sun via Gawker)

Space, My: Apparently, MySpace has a staff. Duties, presumably, include: Ensuring porn passes through censors (the younger the better), promoting shitty bands, allowing spam profiles through filters, and thusly naming each fake person “Peaches,” “Applebottom,” or “Pearbutt.” Anyhow, MySpace has cut their staff by 30% under their new management team, who looked at the staff and liquidated anyone without glasses.

MySpace to Cut 30% of Workforce (CNN)

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