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The Entertation Index: June 22

June 22, 2009

Throat, Deep – It seems that the shadowy parking garage figure of Nixon’s administration wasn’t the only “Deep Throat” FBI was policing in the early 70’s, as recently released files chronicle the administration’s careful look into the Linda Lovelace porn flick, tracing its alleged mob roots and desperately trying to confirm if the film violated interstate trafficking laws. They also, according to the reports, tried to get to the bottom of things by seizing their own copies and tirelessly analyzing the film’s negatives in labs. Riiiight. Get ya some, G-Men.

Link: FBI Files Show Wide “Deep Throat” Investigation (AP)

Jobs, Steve – The Grey Lady broke news over the weekend that Steve Jobs, widely suspected to be ill due to his recent gaunt look, received a liver transplant at a Tennessee hospital. Jobs’ new organ will be perfectly compatible with all Macs, sync perfectly with iTunes, and boast a 3 megapixel camera, but he’ll need to be careful while drinking on “roam.”

Link: Jobs Had Liver Transplant (Wall Street Journal)

W.K., Andrew – Despite the terrible party music of the late nineties, there’s always been something slightly endearing and goofy about Andrew W.K. — perhaps it was the genial self-effacedness, or maybe the spate of new-age, motivational speaking he did after he shuffled off the coil of popularity. Either way, it’s nice to see him back, and this time hosting a children’s program on the Cartoon Network which will allow teams of kids to build items before he steps in to help them destroy their work. Coors Light, I hope you’re listening; I smell a sponsorship.

Link: Destroy Build Destroy Host Andrew W.K. on Firing a Tank, Working With Children (New York Magazine)

Perry, Katy – There can be only one. And if your name happens to be similar enough to “I Kissed a Girl”  songstress Perry’s, you should be on alert that the singer is coming after you Goodfellas-post Lufthanza-Heist-style. Perry’s reps are taking action against an Australian fashion designer in efforts to block the designer from using the same name, even though the spelling is different. Other similarities between the two? The Australian designer produced only one article of clothing that she has been selling for two and a half years.

Link: Katy Perry Takes Action Against Katie Perry (NME)

Sharing, File – A Minnesota jury has ruled that a 32 year-old mother of four owes $1.92 million to four major recording labels after illegally downloading and filesharing licensed music on the popular software Kazaa. While the defendant downloaded some 1,702 songs, the trial focused on certain tracks, including those by Godsmack, Green Day, Janet Jackson and — egads — Richard Marx, who I always maintained owed me $1.92 million in psychological damages from all the awkward slowdancing I did to “Endless Summer Nights” in 1987.

Link: Minnesota Mom Hit With $1.92 Million Fine For Illegal File Sharing (Rolling Stone)

That, Imagine – As if it’s not bad enough that Eddie Murphy continues to torpedo his own career, his latest film is reportedly so bad that it got the two Paramount execs who green-lit the picture fired. Upon later observation, however, it was reported that both execs were played by Eddie Murphy, which prompted an anonymous Paramount intern to report “I don’t know how we didn’t figure that out sooner, with all the ridiculous makeup and those fakey Jewish accents.”

Link: Did Eddie Murphy Capsize Paramount Execs? (Showbiz 411)

Videogame, Grey’s Anatomy – If you’re one of those people that’s endlessly going to parties talking about how “you just got into Grey’s Anatomy, and it’s actually really good,” then it’s time for you to shut up and just stay indoors playing the actual Grey’s Anatomy video game. It’s your chance to join your beloved cast as “Dr. McSweaty” or “Dr. McGirlfriendless.”

Link: Grey’s Anatomy: The Videogame Review (IGN)

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