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Little Shits From NYC Prep Not as Shitty as Expected

June 24, 2009

To be fair, they were shitty. Just not that shitty. It has only been one episode, though.

I’m not going to rattle through the entire clunker, because there was a lot of boring in the premiere. Some kids went to an art show, others to a shitty party. Some dopes hooked up with some bimbos, others talked about Harvard. All of them, male and female, are bitches.

Whiny bitches, snarky bitches, bitchy bitches: they’re all represented. Bravo, if you’re going to do a show about NYC kids, pepper a few hard-asses in with the bitches. Lady killer Sebastian may take that role, but he may be worse than a bitch. He’s just dumb.

“YA WANNA HEAR FRENCH,” he garbles loudly to every chick he meets. “I TALK IN THE FRENCH LETS BE MARRIED ME AND YOU.”

Alas, the strong-willed women of the city melt in the wake of his blank gaze.

“He’s soooooo cute,” they coo. “He’s like a surfer. Only rich!”

So everyone goes art showing and dinnering and lame partying until finally, PC goes on a date. After all this heartache! Turns out, his love interest brought her crooked-eyed friend, so he just bitched the entire time.

Oh Camille. So smart, so driven, so excited about becoming a genetics—or something. For realsies, gurrl, waddup with yo’ eyes? They’re too far apart or misshaped. I can’t put my finger on it, but she looks like an alien.

Anyway, the prepsters weren’t all bad. And they weren’t at all what I expected. So that’s good? Maybe?

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