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The Entertation Index: June 25

June 25, 2009

Anderson, Chris:The editor of Wired magazine and author admitted to lifting lines directly from Wikipedia, an offense committed by almost everyone. The passages in question were “mostly historical asides.” Well, yeah. How did authors even make historical asides before Wikipedia, that’s the question. Stealing from Wikipedia is one of the most American activities one could pursue—it’s why the site exists. If the editor of a geek-mag can’t pull it off, we’re all screwed.

Wired Editor Chris Anderson Admits Plagiarizing Wikipedia (HuffPo)

Hilton, Perez: Hilton, an insufferable bag of fat and air, is apologizing for being a shithead and getting his ass kicked. Or something. He also sued the manager of the Black Eyed Peas for punching him.

Perez Hilton Apologizes For Being Perez Hilton (Gawker)

Hollywood, Jesse James: A compelling true crime story—retold by ’06’s Alpha Dog—follows the impossibly but legitimately-named Hollywood in his life of drugs, sex, breaking windows, and eventually, murder. Hollywood is now on the stand, pleading his innocence. After his crony murdered a 15-year old in 2000, Hollywood bounced down to Brazil to hide out. He’s since returned and claimed he had not ordered the killing of an enemy’s younger brother.

Jesse James Hollywood On Trial, Part Three (The Awl)

Oscars, The: The awards show will be doubling the amount of Best Picture nominees to ten. I’m not a movie buff, but I’ve not seen ten good movies in a year ever.

Oscars Doubling Number of Best Picture Nominees to Ten (HuffPo)

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