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The Entertation Index: June 26

June 26, 2009

Aldrin, Buzz – The 79 year-old second man on the moon has teamed with Snoop Dogg, Quincy Jones and Talib Kweli to rap on a track called Rocket Experience, with money going to charity. Aldrin, of course, remains one of the few individuals on earth to get higher than Snoop, though in his defense, there have been moments where Snoop “felt like he could just reach out and touch the stars,” that “it’s like when you think about the planets, you feel so small,” and that “he has never been closer to the universe” before remembering he ordered $3,000 worth of Kung Pao Chicken.

 Link: One Giant Leap for Rap: Buzz Sings With Snoop (Sky News)

Art Scene, London’s – The UK capital, once known as the most bustling and vibrant art marketplace in the world, has recently seen sales of art dropping dramatically as international sellers are buying less and parting with their own valued collections more infrequently. Analysts are blaming the recent global recession, which has prompted art lovers to simply stay at home to make and stare at their own pieces of pretentious crap.

Link: The London Art Scene Feels a Chill (Wall Street Journal)

Cook, Dane – The former manager and half-brother of comedian Dane Cook has been charged with larceny after allegedly embezzling nearly $10 million from the comic’s account. The situation is especially ironic as Cook has, himself, been stealing from others for years. Zing! Pow!

Link: Millions Stolen in Dane Cook Embezzlement Case (Boston Globe

Fallon, Jimmy – New Late Night host Fallon defeated superstar golfer Tiger Woods at Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 for the Nintendo Wii Thursday during the taping of Fallon’s show. Not to be outdone, Woods then one-upped Fallon by beating him at being awkwardly endearing and laughing at his own jokes while drenched in flop sweat.

Link: Jimmy Fallon Beats Tiger Woods at (Computer) Golf (People

Jackson, Michael – Despite what you may have thought of the guy in recent years, there’s no denying that Michael Jackson is indeed one of — if not the greatest and longest-lasting — superstar of the past three generations of this planet. And he passed away today. Our thoughts go out to his children and family.

Link: Michael Jackson Dead at 50 After Cardiac Arrest (CNN)

Transformers, Racist – The Wednesday opening of Michael Bay’s noise-and-CGI-fest Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was tarnished by accusations that two of the featured robots express racist stereotypes because they speak jive. Defamation groups also protested the inclusion of a vespa with a ridiculous Sicilian accent, a Yugo wearing a hubcap yarmulke and a 1996 French-speaking Renault sedan which stinks. 

Link: Jive-talking Twin Transformers Raise Race Issues ( Associated Press)

Watchmen, Director’s Cut of – Zack Snyder, whose stupendous flop of the acclaimed graphic novel Watchmen failed to grab both hardcore and casual moviegoing audiences, has announced that he will release his director’s cut of the movie to theaters in July. Snyder’s family, who secretly wrote all the “fan letters” claiming to really want to see the director’s cut and pleading him to release it, would like to ask the general public to “just play along” if they happen to run into the director.

Link: Watchmen Director’s Cut Headed To Theaters (Reuters)

Winehouse, Amy – Music Media Corporation EMI has reached an agreement with singer Amy Winehouse to sell a collection of greeting cards and wrapping paper featuring the songstress’ lyrics and image. Because sometimes it takes something this special to tell a loved one that he or she is a dirty, dirty whore.

Link: EMI to Sell Winehouse Gift Cards (Digitalspy)

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    June 27, 2009 11:47 pm

    You suck, Tomlin. Watchmen was awesome, and I’m perfectly willing to arm-wrestle you to prove it.

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