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The Entertation Index: July 1

July 1, 2009

Hacked, Britney Spears’ Twitter Account – a vulnerability in Twitpic (whoa, that’s one letter off from another Britney embarrassment), a program that lets Twitter users share pictures, allowed hackers to tweet that Spears had died.  As Britney, they also tweeted other falsehoods, like “My recent personal and financial decisions have been worthy of praise” and “’If You Seek Amy’ was grammatically correct and a critical success.”

Link: Britney Spears’ Twitter Hacked (Huffington Post)

Off, Dance Your Ass – Oxygen’s new fitness/dance show, which is exactly what it sounds like, played last week to good reviews.  It showcases 12 contestants trying to groove their way to smaller frames, and not to songs like “Fat-Bottomed Girls” or “Baby Got Back”.  I guess it beats hours on the elliptical machine in the Cardio Cinema watching The Today Show.

Link: Dance Your Ass Off (Entertainment Weekly)

Pickler, Kellie – that girl that finished in like the top ten on the somethingth season of that one show has found such success with her most recent country album that People magazine gave her a Celebrity Fun Fact trivia section!  Did you know she considered dyeing her hair black because she “wanted to be taken seriously as an artist”?  Apparently it was her dyed blonde hair that made it impossible for people to take songs like “Rocks Instead of Rice” and “Red High Heels” seriously.

Link: Kellie Pickler Fun Facts (People)

Shakespeare, Why Michael Jackson Is More Adored Than – writer Ahmed Rehab gives a thoughtful, 17-paragraph explanation for why we prefer Michael Jackson to Shakespeare.  I’ll tell you in one:  MJ’s texts don’t have to be dissected line-by-line for two years in high school English, his songs weren’t 200 pages long, and The Bard never did the Moonwalk or said, “Knave!  Know’st thou that I am Bad?”

Link: Michael Jackson: Why He’s More Adored Than Shakespeare (Huffington Post)

Stop Bird Porn – I…I really don’t know what to say.


Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen, Harsh Reviews For – Roger Ebert and other critics are slamming the new Transformers as long, crude, and incomprehensible.  Michael Bay is reportedly not caring, since the five-day opening “weekend” gave him 387 million reasons worldwide not to give a damn what critics think.

Link: Roger Ebert Reviews Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen (Roger Ebert)

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