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The Entertation Index: July 9

July 9, 2009

Bruno: Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest film has become the third-highest grossing comedy in Australia. Though first and second are Meet the Fockers and Sex and the City, this is still a good indication of both quality and how the film will fare in America.

‘Bruno’ a Hit Down Under (Hollywood Reporter)

Bruno (again): This gentleman is totally pissed at how Baron Cohen acts in the film. Like, super pissed. Excerpt (hide the kids): “He is an open hydrant of empty, venal ignorance, a fame-chasing, grandiose fucktard, all because he is a cockaholic (his term). The repeated pistoning of sucking dick has scrambled his brains, just as surely as a muddler pulverizes mint leaves.”

Why ‘Bruno’ is Bad For the Gays (Salon)

Gosling, Ryan: Dreamy in The Notebook, but hardcore edgy in Half Nelson (and dreamy), Gosling is trying to further extend his repertoire by releasing an album with a friend under the name Dead Man’s Bones. Yikes. The CD is set to drop October 6.

Ryan Gosling is Making an Album (People)

Moore, Michael: That rabble-rousing fat man will be at it again come October, when his new documentary explodes onto the scene. Capitalism: A Love Story will focus on the downturn of the global economy and the mass loss of jobs. Sounds uplifting!

Michael Moore Unveils New Title of Doc (Variety)

Scripts, Porn: So this chick needs her pool cleaned. And this guy shows up. Then her friend shows up. Everyone has sex. No? Is that not how it works? Here’s a piece explaining how porn scripts, ahem, go down.

How Does Porn Screenwriting Work? (Slate)

Williams, Robin: Voice-changing funny man will take it back to the premium channel screen, where he can cuss loudly and tell disgusting old people sex jokes. Williams hasn’t appeared on HBO since ’02, when he had an especially raunchy, and hilarious, performance.

Robin Williams Goes Solo For HBO (Variety)

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