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David Arquette to Live in Box to Help Feed Hungry David Blaine

July 10, 2009

Next Tuesday and Wednesday, actor David Arquette will live in a box above New York City’s Madison Square Garden, according to AP reports. With this charitable stunt, Arquette aims to raise $250,000 to help feed once-renowned magician and extreme stuntman David Blaine, who’s awfully hungry.

Blaine himself performed a similar stunt in London in 2003, suspended for 44 days in a Plexiglas enclosure on the banks of the Thames. After media attention from this endeavor waned, the unconventional entertainer has been “in a slump, and a decent meal has been hard to come by,” reported an acquaintance who preferred not to be named while discussing his friend’s struggle.

Blaine’s hunger has been especially painful because he abstained from food during his living-in-a-box stint. Said the magician’s worried friend, “He’s been famished ever since, and the occasional bowl of Ramen just doesn’t cut it.”

But fear not for Blaine, for a different David has heard the call to battle against the daunting Goliath of hunger. Organizers plan a Monday launch for the “Make David Blaine’s Hunger Disappear” campaign Web site. There, concerned donors may make monetary gifts or arrange to have dry, non-perishable goods delivered directly to Blaine’s undisclosed residence, rumored to be in a tent city outside Sacramento.

“David Blaine was once a hero, now he needs a hero sandwich,” Arquette said in a press release. “And I’m here to help. Will you join me?”

A serious postscript from TBTS: Arquette’s methods may be odd or even questionable, but his goal—to raise $250,000 for Feeding America—is admirable. Nearly a billion people go hungry every day, and that really chafes our brown tweed. We just made a donation at, and we sincerely encourage you to do the same.

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