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The Entertation Index: July 13

July 13, 2009

Freeman, Morgan – Holy crap.  Have 72-year-old Morgan Freeman and his 27-year-old step-daughter really been getting it on for 10 years?  This will make for a very interesting-looking family tree (and court deposition).  Maybe this was something on his bucket list.

Link: Morgan Freeman (Huffington Post)

Gosselin, Jon – Now minus Kate, Jon Gosselin keeps serving it up for paparazzi.  He was spotted with his new girlfriend on Christian Audigier’s yacht in St. Tropez (site of another separated couple’s tryst).  It is this kind of stuff that insures we will never, ever be rid of Jon and Kate.

Link: Jon Gosselin with New Girlfriend (INFDaily)

Grigorieva, Oksana – Mel Gibson’s Russian-born girlfriend, also pregnant with his child, is releasing a music video to “Beautiful Heartache”.  Gibson directed the piece, which means he will somehow incorporate enormous amounts of violence and lots of people running in loincloths.

Link: Mel Gibson Directs Girlfriend’s Video (People)

Lange, Artie – Just a few weeks after an embarrassing homophobic rant on HBO’s Joe Buck Live, Howard Stern sidekick Artie Lange was charged with a DUI after a fender-bender in New Jersey.  How fitting, then, that after making such idiotic remarks (chronicled here on TBTS) Lange was charged after tagging someone in the rear.

Link: Artie Lange Charged With DUI (Huffington Post)

Lists, Top Ten – This site does Top Ten lists so we don’t have to.


Panattiere, Hayden – The Heroes star is only 19, but she’s owned a Porsche, almost run over Kanye West, spent her freshman year of high school in Africa, learned to ride a zebra, and dated a guy named Milo.  Even if the movie sucks, we’ll still love you, Beth Cooper.

Link: Hayden Panattiere Fun Facts (People)

Ray, Rachel – The TV chef and all-around entertainment personality had a cyst removed from her vocal cord last week.  This will in no way make her proclamations of “EVOO” and “Yum-o!” any less annoying.

Link: Rachel Ray Surgery (Entertainment Weekly)

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