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The Entertation Index: July 15

July 15, 2009

Band Logos, Indecipherable – For those of you who love black/death/speed-metal, or even if you hate it or just think it’s interesting, you’ll find this amusing.  Be sure to check the backlog.  For extra credit, find which ones are playing a venue near you!


Brand, Russell – Who?  Apparently this cat is famous enough to host the MTV Video Music Awards twice, but if you’re not British, you’ll probably end up remembering him as one of the few people who declined to sleep with Lindsay Lohan.  Hmm, maybe that’s not such a bad idea…

Link: Russell Brand (The Sun)

Bruno – Ayman Abu Aita, Bruno’s “terrorist”, emphatically denies working with the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, having a bodyguard, or carrying a weapon during his film interview.  Aita is trying to hire a lawyer for damage supposedly done by his portrayal in the film.  Apparently no other terrorist groups will hire him, and he has been reduced to blowing up toilets with cherry bombs to make ends meet.

Link: Bruno “Terrorist” Wants to Sue (Huffington Post)

Charles Darwin, Movie AboutCreation, a movie about Charles Darwin and his wife, starring Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany, will open the Toronto International Film Festival this September.  The film is directed by the same guy who did The Core and Entrapment, so Creation should certainly mirror evolution in that it will be random, seemingly interminable, with an infinitesimally small chance of success.

Link: Darwin Movie Opens (Huffington Post)

Glassman, Hailey – New beau of Gosselin, Jon, below.  Given these pictures, you’d think she was a preacher’s daughter or something.  Or maybe a doctor’s daughter, what with all the cigarette smoking.  Either way, I’m sure this will get him out of the limelight and back to spending time with his kids, where he says he wants to be.  Hey, buddy, you signed on for it.  And you too, sweetheart.

Link: Gosselin’s New Party Girl (Huffington Post)

Gosselin, Jon – Jon sans Kate is finalizing talks with Christian Audigier concerning a children’s clothing line.  How he’s getting into the fashion business, and why he’s including his very new girlfriend Hailey Glassman (daughter of Kate’s plastic surgeon: the hits just keep rollin’!) is a mystery.  Good news is, Gosselin’s line should be able to show a profit simply by clothing his own children.

Link: Gosselin’s Clothing Line (People)

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