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The Entertation Index: July 20

July 20, 2009

Abdul, Paula — The longtime American Idol judge is reportedly furious at the fact that she hasn’t been offered a contract extension, especially after the news of host Ryan Seacrest’s $45 million payday earlier this week. “We have every hope that this can be resolved,” said Abdul’s agent. “And if it’s not, rest assured there are plenty of other networks who will pay dearly for a batshit insane drug addict to review children’s singing.”

Link: Paula Abdul’s Manager: She’ll Leave Idol if Rude Producers Don’t Step Up New Deal (LA Times)

Aniston, Jennifer – While her”people” desperately attempt to keep Jennifer Aniston relevant in supercool Hollywood-dating-rumor circles, Gerard Butler spoke out against rumors that he and Aniston were an item. This comes merely weeks after Bradley Cooper also exasperatedly denied the same rumors. “You know how the gossip mill goes,” said Aniston’s reps. “The truth is that Jennifer is dating…what movies are coming out soon? How about that Seth Rogan movie? Yes, him. That’s who she’s dating. How do you spell his last name?”

Link: Gerard Butler Says he Wasn’t Getting Cozy with Jennifer Aniston (DailyFill)

Cronkite, Walter — In a world of terrible, sensational wannabe journalists, we lost a real one this weekend. Truly, a national treasure is gone. CBS has put together a very impressive mini-site in tribute to Cronkite that you really should check out.

Link: Walter Cronkite: 1916-2009 (CBS News)

Co-op, Black Acid — A SoHo art gallery is currently featuring an art installation by Deitch Projects which includes a fully-realized recreation of a lifelike methamphetamine lab. “We’ve been very pleased with the attendance turnout so far,” said a gallery official, “But we keep having to ask Lindsay Lohan to leave — I’m not sure she understands that this is an art exhibit. She keeps offering to ‘do’ me for a ‘taste,’ whatever that means. It’s just uncomfortable.”

Link: Art Review: “Black Acid Co-op” (NY Times)

Drug Charges, Harry Potter Co-Star Facing — 19 year-old Jamie Waylett, who plays Vincent Crabbe in the wizard films, has pleaded guilty in London’s Westminster Magistrates Court to cultivation of marijuana. The young actor was discovered after approaching several other Potter extras about buying a bag of “Ganjapoot Giggleweed’s Bambalacha Blast Enhancers.”

Link: Potter Star Waylett Pleads Guilty to Drug Charges (San Francisco Chronicle)

Heigl, Katherine — Heigl and co-star Gerard Butler, both of the upcoming romantic comedy The Ugly Truth, were forced to interrupt their press junket for the film as police scoured the Four Seasons Los Angeles for an explosive after the hotel received an anonymous phone threat. Tensions were eased as LAPD located the bomb, which merely turned out to be an errant screener copy of The Ugly Truth. Hey-ooooo!

Link: Kathering Heigl and Gerard Butler Evacuate Los Angeles Hotel (People)

Romance, Harlequin — The sixty-year old publishing group that has thrilled elderly women for years with tawdry tales of the bootblack and stableboy is branching out into a new demographic with “Harlequin Teen.” The division may or may not feature such titles as Seduction at Sbarro and dialogue like “‘OMG,’ Cassidy thought as Dylan kissed her, ‘This will b a nite 2 remember 4-eva.'”

Link: Harlequin Takes Aim at Teen Readers With New Imprint (USA Today)

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