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The TBTS Apology: Two Sugar Ray Posts is Too Many for One Website

July 22, 2009

By now, Dear Reader, you’ve no doubt absorbed what our colleagues Lloyd and Caleb have to say about the latest Sugar Ray release Music for Cougars. You may, in fact, have already been so swayed to run out and purchase this offering, or at least download it for a nominal fee from your music purveyor of choice.

Upon retrospect, however, we at TBTS have realized that two posts on venerable pop band Sugar Ray, no matter how infectious, rollicking, and party-starting their tunes may be, was perhaps gratuitous for any site, much less one which holds to the high standards upon which The Brown Tweed Society prides itself.

Sure, Sugar Ray has provided us fangless top forty music since the late nineties, and they’ll continue to do so with the kind of wonderful aplomb we’ve grown to adore over the past fifteen years. We certainly wish to give credit where credit is due. But to load the Wednesday down with such Sugar Ray-related content is inexcusable, and we beg your pardon.

That said, don’t forget to make plans to secure a copy of Third Eye Blind‘s upcoming August release Ursa Major, available for pre-order at Amazon now!

  1. J. St. Orts permalink
    July 23, 2009 8:40 am

    First, I hear Sugar Ray is releasing another album. Next, a Blink-182 reunion tour. Now, a new BrownEye Blind record is on the way. If I hear the Bay City Rollers are back together, I’ll surely know that the Four Horsemen of the Shitpocalypse are on the ride.

    • J. St. Orts permalink
      July 23, 2009 9:26 am

      Aug 29 | Creed with Hoobastank | Verizon Wireless Music Center Indianapolis | Noblesville, IN

      Here beginneth the wailing and gnashing of teeth.

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