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The Entertation Index: July 23

July 23, 2009

Anderson, John: Ex-ESPN-er and current host of ABC’s Wipeout will have work for another season, after ABC agreed to renew the show. This proves that America at-large and I agree on one thing: people falling and possibly getting hurt is awesome and hilarious. Always.

ABC Makes Splash With Wipeout Renewal (THR)

Knight, T.R.: Remember the gay dude from Grey’s? Me neither. Well, he left, and everyone cares why, I guess.

Grey’s Anatomy Star T.R. Knight Reveals Why He Left Hit Show (Entertainment Weekly)

Leno, Jay: The late night host has a new team around him, as he snagged Conan’s leftovers and added announcer John Melendez to the writing team. The show, unfortunately, will certainly fail, as it is still hosted by Jay Leno.

A New Leno Taking Shape (Variety)

News!, Breaking: Being pregnant at 16 really does suck! Typically, MTV ruins everything they do because they document stupid people doing stupid things and pretend that’s how normal folks act. Like, The Real World. An actual chick that was pregnant at 16 says, yeah, MTV got it right, and it blows. Also: sad. That last episode with the adoption—whoooo! Those poor kids were about 9 billion times more mature than their dense parents.

I Actually Was 16 and Pregnant (Salon)

Patel, Dev: Slumdog Millionaire stars Dev Patel and Freida Pinto are officially an item, which is fitting because it would be total bullshit if they weren’t together and all hope for a world understood would be dashed. Plus, in another fitting twist, Pinto’s last dude—probably that gross fat guy—is all pissy because he thinks Dev and Freida were doin’ it behind his back.

Come On, We Know You’re an Item! (Daily Mail)

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