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The Entertation Index: July 24

July 24, 2009

France, Delicate Sensibilities of — During a UK press conference, G.I. Joe producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura expressed his nervousness over France’s reaction to the film, which apparently features a climax that sees the collapse of the Eiffel Tower. “We’re also worried about the scene where Quick Kick spits out a mouthful of escargot and a brief ‘romantic moment’ where Duke and Lady J bond over a mutual distaste for the comedy of Jerry Lewis.”

Link: G.I. Joe Filmmakers “Worried About France” (Digital Spy)

Heigl, Katherine — Poor Katherine Heigl. The mediocre-at-best romantic comedy semi-player, who once again did not receive the Emmy nomination she feels she so richly deserves, is complaining about Grey’s Anatomy again to anyone who will listen. Now she’s grousing that she’s overworked, calling the showrunners “cruel and mean,” presumedly for making Heigl be in countless scenes and not allowing her to peruse scripts where she plays a supercute and witty editor or producer or lawyer who falls for someone that’s totally not like her at all!

Link: Overworked Katherine Heigl Complains to Letterman about “Cruel and Mean” Grey’s Anatomy Employers (NY Mag)

Higgins, John Michael — In an interesting bit of feud news, Christopher Guest fave and awesomely funny John Michael Higgins (perfect in almost anything he appears in) reveals that he’s been blacklisted by Late Show host David Letterman ever since he portrayed Letterman in HBO’s 1996 film The Late Shift, which documented the war between Letterman and Jay Leno for the Tonight Show throne. 

Link: Never Piss Off David Letterman (Gawker)

Hilton, Perez — The controversial web-gossip writer has unveiled the first artist he’s signed to his new record label, which he calls “Perezicious.” Mm hmm. No need to re-read that. Perez Hilton has his own record label. Because honestly, why shouldn’t a blogger who lives with his mother and photoshops crudely drawn phalluses onto paparazzi photos have his own record label? Or be super-famous? After all, the world has gone f**king crazy. Why would you question any of this?

Link: Perez Hilton Reveals His Label’s First Artist (Entertainment Weekly)

Pools, Dumpster — While squares like you and I do square things like go to Home Depot, eat french fries and watch CSI: Miami, ultra-cool artsy people in New York are doing the ultra-coolest and artsiest thing to do in New York this summer: swim in dumpsters. Last saturday night, just a few dozen people got super-secret invitations to a party held by Art journal Cabinet where partygoers relaxed in empty dumpsters filled with water. Also super-cool this summer in the Big Apple? Everyone who’s anyone has ringworm. 

Link: Forget the Trash Bag, Bring a Towel to the Dumpster Pools (New York Times)

Theater, Outdoor Summer — The Wall Street Journal runs an entertaining feature focusing on the tenuous nature of outdoor summer theater festivals, featuring a litter of wailing baby raccoons disrupting the first act of Central Park’s Twelfth Night and a gaggle of wild turkeys who gobbled loudly over a California production of Noel Coward’s Private Lives. And I think we can all remember the 1987 New York Shakespeare in the Park Glass Menagerie incident, when national treasure Brian Dennehy was mounted and bred by a mountain lion. 

Link: Summer Festivals Battle Animals, Other Interruptions (WSJ)

Whisperer, Ghost — Video game manufacturer Legacy Interactive announced yesterday its plans to release a game based on the hit(?) CBS series and Jennifer Love-Hewitt vehicle The Ghost Whisperer. I’d like to point out that Legacy may have misjudged this one — those massive demographic numbers that single 25-35 males are putting up for the show aren’t because they love the awesome plotlines. Even though they may be playing with their Wii’s. 

Link: First Ghost Whisperer Video Game Announced Today (GameZone)

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