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The Entertation Index: July 27

July 27, 2009

Bhatti, Omer — Michael Jackson’s brother Jermaine has broken his years-long silence about his brother’s personal life to infer that the King of Pop may be the father of a secret love child — and that child today is 25 year-old Norwegian rapper Omer Bhatti. A DNA test is forthcoming. “If Omer’s his son, he’s his son — we are going to give him the same love and care that we give Prince and Paris and Blanket,” said Jermaine, shortly before wrapping the full-grown Bhatti’s face in mardi gras streamers and awkwardly attempting to dangle him from an Italian hotel window.

Link: Omer Bhatti: Michael Jackson’s Secret Love Child Son? (Huffington Post)

Cameron, James — This weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con saw the Titanic director dropping jaws as he showed, for the first time, 24 minutes of his much heralded 3D filmAvatar. He then promised the rest of us that on August 21, he would offer everyone in America an opportunity to view 15 minutes of the film in IMAX theaters for free. Following suit, comic Rob Schneider announced that he would show any and all of his films to anyone who wanted to see them for free at his own home, adding “Please, please come to my home and watch my movies. I’m begging you. We don’t even have to talk. I have chips and sodas and everything.”

Link: See 15 Minutes of James Cameron’s Avatar on IMAX for FREE (G4)

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus — The International Mozarteum Foundation in Salzburg, Austria has revealed an amazing discovery — two previously unseen and unheard works for the piano from the legendary composer. More details will be released by the foundation at an August 2 press conference, coinciding with the upcoming CD release of Now That’s What I Call Symphonic Variations for Piano and Orchestra XII!

Link: Two New Mozart Works Discovered by Foundation (Reuters)

Office, Box — Remember last weekend, when everyone was going crazy and declaring Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to be the most amazing film ever made, going on and on about how many records it was going to shatter? I’ll bet all those people feel really stupid now, since a movie featuring CGI guinea pigs took over as the number one film this weekend. The Harry Potter books are so smart and complex and amazing and — wait, breakdancing hamsters? Count me in!

Link: G-Force Topples Harry Potter at Box Office (ABC News)

Self-Promotion, Shameless — A short essay by yours truly is currently featured in the online literary journal Monkeybicycle. You can check it out at the link below:

Link: Things You Did Not Know About Your Dog (Monkeybicycle

Socialite, Paris Hilton as — The famous-for-nothing debutante told E! Entertainment News that “Paris is a character I made up,” referring to the airhead persona popular culture attributes to her. “In a way [the persona] is good, but I don’t want people thinking of me as this blonde heiress airhead.” Kudos, Paris! In fact, I’m playing a character as well —  a writer pretending that anything you say or do has any meaning whatsoever. And that’s a wrap!

Link: Hiton: “Paris is a Character I Made Up” (DigitalSpy)

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