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Marilyn Manson Fights Authority and He Always Wins

July 29, 2009

Yesterday, Tomlin told you about Iggy Pop showing his naked chest to the world.  Today, I’m going to tell you about Marilyn Manson letting his naked arse flap in the wind.  I was toodling along reading the Rolling Stone when I happened across this article, in which Manson threatens any journalist who dares criticize him or his band WITH DEATH.  Yep, you read that right.  Here’s the quote regarding the “soon-to-be-murdered press” directly from Manson’s MySpace page:

“If one more ‘journalist’ makes a cavalier statement about me and my band, I will personally or with my fans’ help, greet them at their home and discover just how much they believe in their freedom of speech.  I dare you all to write one more thing that you won’t say to my face. Because I will make you say it. In that manner. That is a threat.”

The target of dear Marilyn’s ire?  Some guy named Travis Keller who dares insinuate that Manson is a cokehead.  Evidently he also makes some comments about Manson not loving Led Zeppelin, but that’s not really what interests me.  I guess Manson’s comments are pretty interesting, but I’m not sure that they’re unexpected given the guy’s history.  I’ve already warned you about his instability, so the fact that he’s threatening to kill people should come as no surprise.  In fact, it might be odd if he weren’t discussing murder or self-mutilation or some such craziness.

It’s mildly interesting that he chose to air out his grievances on Myspace.  I mean the guy turned 40 this year but he’s posting his threats on a service that targets 16-year-old girls.  Did he hope this guys’ teenage daughter might read his rant and run crying to daddy?  Is part of his evil revenge plot to have all the preteen goth transvestites in America rise up in defense of his Satanic Majesty?  Oh I got it, his Facebook fan page just wasn’t the right target audience.  Who needs a bunch of pale pregnant thirtysomething moms beating this Keller guy down?  Note to Manson:  It’s hard to take you seriously when you post this on the internet equivalent of the local Texaco men’s bathroom stall door.  But again, Manson’s choice of threat delivery is only mildly interesting.

What really interests me is a statement made by the author of the Rolling Stone article.  The author (who is not named) tells of Manson’s 2008 statements to RS about his feelings on the Led Zeppelin reunion.  These statements are attacked by Keller, but the author sees fit to close this section with the tepid remark:  “In Manson’s defense, his statements to Rolling Stone seem quite genuine.”

Color me skeptical, but could we have a smidgin of “Don’t Hurt Me Mr. Manson” here?  I mean, c’mon dude you’re a big bad writer for the world’s premier rock and roll magazine!  Did you really need to point out Manson’s “genuineness”?  Were you the guy that interviewed him in ’08?  How would you know what was genuine and what wasn’t?  I caution you against using “Marilyn Manson” and “genuine”  in the same sentence without using either “nutjob” or “crackhead” also, otherwise you lose some credibility.

Where does Manson (who dropped out of a community college journalism program by the way) get off threatening the entire journalistic community anyway?  And why should he be defended when he does?  This is the guy who couldn’t bring himself to kill his girlfriend of two years, even though he admits he fantasized about it.  So you really think he’s going to get off his pasty duff and come after some anonymous RS writer?  Maybe RS want to make sure they stay on MM’s good side?  If so, why?  Are they expecting some sort of career comeback that will make it profitable to put him on the cover sometime in the near future?  Word to RS:  Marilyn will come whenever you call, whether you piss him off or not.  He’s a sorry publicity hound who will do anything he can to stay in the spotlight.  If he thought he could make headlines by castrating himself, he’d be selling his bits on Ebay tomorrow.  Perhaps he’s already done that, did you see that video he did for that one song?  What was it…crap I can’t remember.

Well I’m glad I got that off my chest, thanks for listening.  I’ll be spending the next month or so in an undisclosed location, posting from an encrypted IP address.  No particular reason, just a precaution.

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  1. July 29, 2009 1:42 pm

    Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel, and apparently keyboard bellicosity is the last refuge of the soon-to-be-has-been.

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