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The Entertation Index: July 31

July 31, 2009

Boosh, The Mighty — Dont’ forget that today’s the deadline for The Brown Tweed Society’s Essay Contest, which could net you a season of The Mighty Boosh on DVD. So put your mind to work, put your pencil to paper and get that submission in by midnight tonight.

Link: TBTS’ Mighty Boosh Essay Contest

Covers, Album — Southern California’s Fullerton Museum Center opens a new exhibit tomorrow which will feature the “”worst album covers ever” — which includes ridiculous album covers, horribly conceived ideas and just plain old bad art. Check out some of the offenders at the link:

Link: O.C. Museum Believes It Has Found the Worst Album Covers Ever (LA Times)

Damon, Matt — The Bourne series star told reporters that plans are in the works for a fourth Bourne movie, though a script still hasn’t been completed yet. Sources tell TBTS, however, that the action packed film will feature some running down streets and possibly some eluding of the authorities.. “I look forward to headbutting characters in the Bourne universe that haven’t yet been headbutted,” Damon may or may not have said the press conference.

Link: What’s Happening with Bourne 4? (Cinemaspy)

Keaton, Diane — Oh-so-quirky and acclaimed actress Keaton has signed on to star in an HBO show about a feminist icon who launches a sexually explicity magazine. Here’s what I think a pitch meeting at HBO sounds like these days: WRITER: “So here’s my idea — it’s a show about a guy who makes ice cream.” HBO: “Does he have sex a lot?” WRITER: “Sure, okay.” HBO: “Sold!”

Link: Diane Keaton Set for HBO Comedy (Hollywood Reporter)

Television, 3D — CEO of Dreamworks Jeffrey Katzenberg is enthusiastic that televisions which can broadcast three-dimensional programming will revolutionize the industry. Which means that Angel Falls will look magnificent on the Travel Channel. Unfortunately, it also means those crabs will practically leap off the screen on Rock of Love. 

Link: Katzenberg: 3D Coming to Homes (Holllywood Reporter)

Thiessen, Tiffani — In response to a push for a Saved By the Bell reunion spurred by Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Tiffani Thiessen (oooh, we’re too good for “Amber” now!) explained in a video at Will Ferrell’s that she’s just “too busy.” The video is meant for comic effect, so remember that when Thiessen approaches you for a dollar at the bus station: gal’s got a great sense of humor.

Link: Tiffani Thiessen Says She’s Too Busy for a Saved By the Bell Reunion (NY Daily News)

Voiceovers — Ever wonder who the voices behind your favorite advertising pitches are? Of course you don’t. But let’s pretend for a sec that you aren’t fast forwarding X3 through every commercial break with your DVR. Here are some of the actors who play the mysterious voices behind your favorite products. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go voice a commercial of my own for Tucks Medicated Hemmorhoidal Pads. Hey, it’s a living.

Link: 15 Secret Celebrity Voice-Overs (DailyFill)

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