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The Entertation Index: August 4

August 4, 2009

Boey, Cheeming — If there’s one thing every artist wants, it’s for his or her art to live on long after he or she is gone. Newport Beach artist Cheeming Boey has found the most by-the-book way to do that yet — by illustrating his work onto styrofoam coffee cups, guaranteeing they won’t be going anywhere chemically anytime soon. Check out his work, it’s quite cool.

Link: Coffee Cups (Flickr

Carey, Mariah — The accompanying CD booklet to Carey’s upcoming release Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel will feature advertisements for Elizabeth Arden, Angel Champagne and the Bahamas Board of Tourism, among others. Following the trend, an upcoming Chickenfoot record will include a subscription to AARP, the liner notes for Kid Rock’s next album will feature phonetic spelling courtesy of Sylvan Learning Systems, and Lady Gaga’s hotly anticipated followup album will be sponsored by the “morning after” pill.

Link: Mariah Carey CD Package to Include Advertisements (HitFix)

Crocs — In its “Brand Graveyard” column, Salon writes a eulogy this week for the rubber-soled masterpieces known as Crocs, which it claims peaked in 2007 and now are officially dead. Why are you turning red? You’re wearing them right now, aren’t you? What a square. Everyone who’s anyone is wearing fnüdens these days. It’s so euro. Don’t even ask what they are; they’re too cool for you, Crocs Guy.

Link: Admit It — You Used to Wear Crocs (Salon)

Kane, Citizen — GamesRadar has put together a list of what they consider to be the Citizen Kanes of video games. That’s all fine and good, but they include twenty-five games on that list, which is a bit much. And it just starts going too far when they get to the part about DigDug being “the Three Men and a Little Lady of video games,” and After Burner II as “the Blues Brothers 2000 of video games.” That’s just ridiculous. 

Link: The Citizen Kanes of Videogames (GamesRadar)

Lamas, Lorenzo — E!’s new fall season will feature a new reality show entitled “The Lamas Life.” I applaud that. It’s a bold move for E!, but it really shows a commitment to the animals and the burgeoning industry of handicrafted garments made from their coarse undercoats of hair. Oh, wait…you meant Lorenzo Lamas? Well, he’s almost as dirty. And spits.

Link: Forget the Hogans: Get Ready for “The Lamas Life” (LA Times)

McFerrin, Bobby — The last time you saw Bobby McFerrin, he was beating his chest and doot-dooting himself into the celebrity stratosphere. Well he’s back, everyone, and he’s ready to mess your mind up. Check out the following very cool video from the World Science Festival, in which McFerrin uses audience participation to demonstrate how your brain’s neurons work and effectively invades your head. Look into Bobby McFerrin’s eyes…you are getting sleepy…you will not worry….you will be happy….

Link: Bobby McFerrin Hacks Your Brain with the Pentatonic Scale (World Science Festival via BoingBoing)

Street, Sesame — During the opening of a recent PBS press session about the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street, President Obama opened the proceedings with a video about the legacy of the children’s program. Then he proceeded to encourage Oscar the Grouch to trade in his old trashcan for a new one, held a beer summit with Gordon and Luis, and granted the Count citizenship status.

Link: Barack Obama Video Introduces Sesame Street’s 40th-Anniversary Presentation (TIME)

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