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The Entertation Index: August 5

August 5, 2009

Emmys, The – Executive Producer Don Mischer plans to pre-tape eight categories, including two writing categories, during the ceremony to cut down on broadcast time.  The Writers Guild sent a letter protesting the change, saying it “conveys a fundamental understatement of the importance of writers in the creation of television programming and a symbolic attack on the primacy of writing in our industry.”  The Guild may also be angry that this year millions of people will ignore a taped version of their awards presentation rather than a live one.

Link: Emmys Shortened? (Entertainment Weekly)

Equipment?, Exercise – The new “Shake Weight,” designed specifically for women, promises sleeker, sexier arms.  Just watch the video and see how to, um, move the Shake Weight.  Ladies, there’s a way you can get the same results without paying any money—in fact, you could get paid.  And sometimes it doesn’t even require six minutes.

Link: Shake Weight (YouTube)

Law, Jude – In a Clooney-esque (though Clooney apparently understands how contraception works) “brief relationship while … filming the new movie Sherlock Holmes in New York over Christmas,” Law has fathered another child, this time with 24-year-old model Samantha Burke.  Law should really pace himself, or his next project will be “Law and (Date) Plus Eight.”

Link: Law A Daddy Again (Sky News)

Leibovitz, Annie – The famed photographer’s financial life is starting to unravel Stephen Baldwin style almost exactly 15 months after her controversial Miley Cyrus photo shoot.  Cyrus was 15 at the time, and “Annie Leibovitz” has 15 characters in her name (including the spaces).  I think the message is clear: you screw with Hannah Montana, she screws you.

Link: Leibovitz’ Financial Troubles (Gawker)

Sobule, Jill – Katy Perry has finally earned the public ire of Jill Sobule, owner of the original “I Kissed A Girl.”  (Read to the end of the article.  Wow, Jill, you shouldn’t bottle that stuff up.)  The similarity ends at the title, though: Perry’s girl wore cherry chapstick, while Sobule’s girl is thought to have worn Bert’s Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil, which didn’t rhyme with anything.

Link: Sobule Slams Perry (Rolling Stone)

West, Kanye – Satire website Scrape.TV posted an obviously false (especially after reviewing other stories on the site), Onion-esque story claiming that Kanye West proclaimed himself The King Of Pop after the passing of Michael Jackson.  Other media outlets, however, ran the “story” as fact, royally pissing off Kanye.  OK, media, since it’s that easy to pass total BS as truth, here’s another Kanye quote: “Kanye West Anoints Self Most Awesomest Dudiver on The Plizzanet.”  I better see that on USA Today’s front page tomorrow.

Link: Fabricated Quote Irks West (Rolling Stone)

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  1. August 6, 2009 2:14 am

    Miley Cyrus screwing Annie Leibovitz? Finally my day has come, I’ve been holding out for some hot Cyrus on Leibovitz action for a long time now.

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