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The Entertation Index: August 6

August 6, 2009

Belding, Mr. — Dennis Haskins, best known for his portrayal of the put-upon Mr. Belding on 80’s smash Saved by the Bell, told the Detroit News that he felt “disrespected” and “was disappointed” that he wasn’t included in the recent cover shoot for People magazine. Haskins said that he became suspicious when Dustin Diamond showed up at the door of his home dressed as a phone repair man on the morning of the shoot and Mario Lopez stalled him outside a photographer’s studio by asking him lots of questions as the gang had their photos taken.

Link: Mr. Belding Speaks! (Detroit News)

Cobain, Kurt — An Aberdeen, Washington park is under scrutiny as a granite marker honoring the former Nirvana frontman features an expletive. The plaque, under fire from many who oppose the profanity, features a quote from Cobain reading “Drugs are bad for you. They will fuck you up.” Also being disputed is a sign by the park’s tornado slide, which reads “Do not go down the tornado slide headfirst. The tornado slide will fuck you up.”

Link: Granite Quote in WA Park Sparks Cobain Controversy (AP via New York Times)

Jackson, Joe — As he’s been all over the news lately, here are eleven things that look like Joe Jackson. Pretty accurate, too.

Link: 11 Things That Look Like Joe Jackson (Buzzfeed)

Leno, Jay — NBC is beginning to raise eyebrows concerning their confidence in Jay Leno’s upcoming foray into prime time after a recent press tour saw them unwilling to answer specific questions about what the show will have to do to be considered a success. When questioned about what sort of numbers the show needs to get for the network, a spokesperson pointed behind the press and shouted “Oh my god, it’s the ghost of Jerry Orbach of NBC’s perennial hit Law and Order!” and slipped out unnoticed as the audience swiveled their heads to the back of the room. 

Link: NBC’s Press Strategy: Duck and Run (LA Times)

Meester, Leighton — As a special edition of the Harper’s Bazaar column “Fabulous at Every Age,” the magazine digitally aged 23 year-old Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester to appear 30, 40 and 50 years old to illustrate what the  progression of the starlet’s fashion might look like at those ages. The issue also featured digitally aged Lindsay Lohan, a 24 year-old-who-looks-49 years-old, to appear 32 years-old (55 years old), 45 years old (61 years old) 56 years old (80 years old) in a special ad supplement for Kool cigarettes.

Link: A Gossip Girl at Every Age (Harper’s Bazaar via GlamChic)

Pre, Palm — Advertising Age recently featured a piece focusing on the creepiness of the current Palm Pre television ads. The spots, created by Boston agency Modernista, features a fair-skinned, deadpan model staring directly into the camera and sharing mundane observations and has sparked discussion about the strategy’s eeriness all over the web. “We weren’t trying to creep people out…but it’s probably being talked about more than other phones right now,” said Modernista’s creative director. The super-spooky twist and realization which comes after you buy the palm pre is that it’s been dead the whole time!

Link: Behind Those Creepy Palm Pre Ads (Ad Age)

Twilight — A college student is claiming that Stephenie Meyer, the soccer-mom-turned-bestselling-author of Twilight, plagiarized the novel series from a largely unknown novel she penned in 2006. Because handsome, fancy-pants vampires having forbidden and gothic love affairs with beautiful mortal women is a completely new and fresh twist on the vampire genre and was invented in 2006.

Link: “Twilight” Author Accused of Plagiarism (New York Times)

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