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The Entertation Index: August 7

August 7, 2009

Beckham, Victoria — While Paula Abdul may be out at American Idol, the BBC has reported that the former Posh Spice herself Victoria Beckham will be filling in for a short appearance on the upcoming season of the singing contest. “When Paula left,” producers may or may not have said, “it left a serious deficiency in preening, vapid commentary on American Idol. We think Victoria will fill the role nicely.”

Link: Beckham to Guest Judge On US Idol (BBC)

City, Sex and the — Tuesday saw open auditions for a bit role in the upcoming Sex and the City sequel, which brought thousands of wannabe Carrie Bradshaws out of the woodwork for a chance to be featured. It also, consequently, brought thousands of Big Apple womanizers to the casting call hoping to find themselves some “Samanthas.”

Link: Sex and the City Sequel Audition Draws Thousands of Extra Hopefuls (NY Daily News)

Dylan, Bob — Living legend and, we now discover, Yuletide lover Bob Dylan has announced that he has been steadily building a list of recorded tracks to feature on an upcoming Christmas album, which will include tracks such as “Christmas Buhodo Gahhduhba Goh,” “Dahdooduhbabuh Santa Habugada,” and the timeless carol Bibahduhdoo Dodahdo (Bubigado Havabuhdado).”

Link: Bob Dylan Christmas Album is on the Way (Paste)

Leno, Jay — In his second consecutive Index appearance (congrats Jay, you’re reaching Megan Fox-esque numbers here!), Leno has announced — perhaps to NBC’s surprise — that his new ten o’clock program will “not be a talk show,” but rather focus on pre-taped comedy pieces and feature a race track for celebrities to partake in auto races. This, one can only assume, comes from NBC’s extensive market research studies that Leno’s reliable older audience loves his comedy, but wishes there was more auto racing.

Link: Jay Leno Says New Show Will Have More Comedy, Fresh Faces, and Celebrity Auto Racing (Entertainment Weekly)

Murder, C — Court proceedings began yesterday for a public trial of the New Orleans rapper “C-Murder” for, not ironically, accusations of murder. The trial is expected to be much more high profile than other recent indiscretions by little known rappers, including the October 2008 trial of Chicago’s “MC J-Walk” and March’s indictment of Detroit’s “Mattress Tag Rippa.”

Link: New Orleans Rapper C-Murder’s Murder Trial Begins (AP)

Redbox — In the wake of ongoing negotiations between movie studio 20th Century Fox and DVD rental kiosk empire Redbox, Fox has elected to remove its releases from all current Redbox stand-alone movie rental units. That’s terrible news for those of you who have planned a romantic evening tonight of going to McDonald’s and renting 27 Dresses.

Link: Fox Pulls Discs From Redbox (Hollywood Reporter)

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