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The Entertation Index: August 19

August 19, 2009

Chicks, White — Keenan Ivory Wayans, along with brothers Shawn and Marlon, are in development on a sequel to the 2004 smash(?) White Chicks. The fact that this movie is being made means that the studios are relatively sure it will make money. The fact that it makes money means that people will electively watch it. If anyone needs me, I’ll down by the river, loading my pockets with heavy, heavy rocks.

Link: White Chicks Sequel in the Works (Hollywood Reporter)

Cleese, John — Ex-Python and comedy master John Cleese finalized his divorce settlement to his third ex-wife for a reported 19.7 million, which will actually leave her wealthier than Cleese himself. While that’s more than a reason for sympathy toward the great Cleese, our hearts truly go out to him as the situation means he’ll likely have to appear in The Pink Panther 3.

Link: John Cleese Settles Divorce…(NY Daily News)

Davis, Virginia — Davis, who at age ninety passed away this weekend, is best known for being the first live action actress ever to be cast by Walt Disney, who hired the then four year-old to portray Alice in a short film called Alice’s Wonderland in 1923. After a brief memorial, Davis will be buried at sea during a touching ceremony adrift Disney water park Typhoon Lagoon.

Link: Virginia Davis, Walt Disney’s First Star, Dies at 90 (Kansas City Star)

Flu, Swine — British actor David McCusker, known in the UK as the star of a wide-reaching television ad campaign to stop swine flu, has himself contracted swine flu. Upon hearing the news, the stars of the Valtrex commercial grew eerily quiet and excused themselves from the room.

Link: Actor in Swine Flu Ad Catches Swine Flu (The Live Feed)

Judges, American Idol — If you’re interested, you can look online for a million news stories about a million people tapped to be a judge on the next American Idol. Aside from news that “Posh Spice” Victoria Beckham will be joining the panel, news today hyped Shania Twain, Joe Jonas, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, Mary J. Blige as upcoming guest judges. Still not on the wish list for Idol? People who are actually qualified to sign a recording talent for a major label.

Link: Joe Jonas and Kelly Clarkson to Guest Judge American Idol (LA Times)

Gentlemen Broncos — Will someone please confirm for me that this movie looks to them as delightful as it looks to me? Peep the trailer for Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Libre director Jared Hess’ next foray into cinematic absurdity.

Link: Gentlemen Broncos Trailer (filmdrunk)

Weezer — Rivers Cuomo & Company have declared a new album out October 27, produced by Butch Walker and Jacknife Lee and entitled — ahem — Raditude. Clearly, with a name like Raditude, Weezer is positioning itself to be the nation’s foremost jams band. They’re really going to kick out some jams. Hold a jams session. Do you see how I’m relating the word “raditude” to the long shorts called jams? Okay.

Link: Weezer Reveal Ridiculous Album Title (Weezer via Pitchfork)

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