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The Entertation Index: August 20

August 20, 2009

Gaga, Lady – The in-your-face singer was quite excited about her trip to Jerusalem.  She expected the journey to be a sobering spiritual experience, but she hadn’t ruled out getting drunk at a bar there.  To show her deference to the holiness of the place, she covered her barely-there top with a black leather jacket adorned with a Star of David made from silver spikes.  I’m not kidding.  Read the article.  Sometimes we don’t have to make stuff up.

Link: Gaga to Jerusalem (Huffington Post)

The Good Internet – Looking for a crudely drawn but intelligent comic strip?  No, not Family Circus.  Try this one:

Link: um,

Knoxville, Johnny – Us Magazine reports “Johnny Knoxville To Have Another Baby,” which is physically impossible.  The epic strangeness of the life of a Jackass child: visits from Uncles Bam and Steve-O; hearty encouragement to play with fire; no training wheels; and very, very odd things done with a wiffle ball bat and cornhole set.

Link: Johnny Knoxville to Be Father Again (Us Magazine)

One-Liners, Twittering – Apparently lots of comedians, stand-up and otherwise, are testing out one-liners on Twitter.  Take this one from Michael Showalter: “Waitress just said their creamed spinach was ‘banging.’ Not sure how I feel about that.”  How much can you get out of tweeted responses like @MichaelShowalter: “Good one, Michael.  I LOL’ed!” or @MichaelShowalter: “Hey Mikey, YOU SUUUUCK!  Go back to wherever you…(pass out hard on small bar table in cramped comedy club, snore drunkenly).”?

Link: Comedians Tweeting One-Liners (New York Post)

Pratt, Heidi – The Hills alum and half of Speidi Prontag says that her Playboy shoot did not compromise her religious views: “I feel like God created the body, and the body is beautiful.  The way God created us was naked.”  Yes, but God also created silicone, rhinoplasty, and Speidi, so there was obviously room for error.

Link: Heidi in Playboy (Us Magazine)

Report, Colbert – Stephen somehow gets a Congressman to funnel a beer with him on camera.  Can this guy get any better?

Link: Colbert Coaxes Congressman to Kill a Coors (Gawker)

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