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The Entertation Index: August 26

August 26, 2009

Birdie, Bye Bye — Gina Gershon, who is currently starring in Broadway’s revival of the 1960’s musical Bye Bye Birdie, has refused to do a famous number from the show because it “seemed a little too gang-rapey.” Interestingly enough, I used this very same adjective yesterday to describe the reason I was returning a pair of earphones to my local Radio Shack.

Link: “Bye Bye Birdie” Revival on Broadway Drops Scene for “Gang Rape” Concern (NY Daily News)

Croonquist, Sunda — In a new spin on the oldest jokes in the book, Comedian Sunda Croonquist is actually being sued by her mother-in-law after one too many jokes, allegedly guilty of “spreading false, defamatory and racist lies” about the senior. Croonquist denied the accusations to the media, claiming she takes her mother-in-law everywhere, but she finds her way home. She also mentioned that a local peeping tom asked her mother-in-law to shut her blinds, and that when she sits around the house, she sits around the house. Hey-ooooo!

Link: Comedian Sued Over Mother-in-Law Joke (ABC)

Cyrus, Billy Ray — Country music one-hit wonder, sometimes actor and father of Miley revealed that he branched out from novelty music after avant-garde director David Lynch cast him in Mulholland Drive and encouraged him to branch out further into acting. This only serves as another example of Lynch infusing into the world ridiculousness that makes no sense to anyone, and for which no one was really asking. Cyrus’ fame is about as understandable as Lost Highway, anyway.

Link: “Eraserhead” Director Inspired Billy Ray Cyrus (CNN)

Dylan, Bob — On the BBC’s airing of Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour, the folk icon announced that he has been approached by more than one satellite navigation manufacturer to serve as a directional voice on their systems. This, one can assume, can only lead to disaster for motorists who have no idea how to follow the command “in buhbosdodobuh, turn lehstfs. Drive mubohbunh milbs to hobmung.”

Link: Bob Dylan to Become the Voice of Your Satnav? (Telegraph)

Hancock 2 — After a Hollywood search for writers to helm a sequel to Will Smith’s 2008 Hancock, two scribes from FX’s The Shield have been tapped to pen the follow-up. Initially, the duo was said to have been apprehensive, but after watching the original Hancock, they asked “So all we have to do is write something as good or better than this?” Then they high-fived and bought themselves Aston Martins.

Link: “The Shield” Writing Duo Aboard “Hancock 2” (ACE Showbiz)

Krater, Euphronios’ — A decorated terra-cotta bowl dating back to Athens in 515 B.C., which was once the toast of New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art,  has landed in its new home, a small villa in Rome serving as Italy’s National Museum of Etruscan Archaeology. The vessel was used for mixing water and wine at banquets and is perhaps best recognized by its elaborate tableaus, one of which features Larry King playing lawn darts. 

Link: A Celebrity in Low-Key Digs (Wall Street Journal)

Lynch, David — see: Cyrus, Billy Ray

Simone, Gail — Simone, the writer of the comic book Wonder Woman and the Secret Six, started a full-on nerd war after tweeting Sunday night a question concerning whether the world of comic books really need gossip columns. In all the hubbub, no one noticed Captain America  canoodling with Catwoman, Iron Man being denied entrance to a hot Vegas nightclub, and the Silver Surfer detained in a San Bernadino jail overnight for drinking and flying his surfboard around in the air.

Link: Gail Simone Wonders if we Need Rich Johnson (Examiner)

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