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Boys Gone Wild: Brody Jenner and Joe Francis Brawl over Playmate of the Year Jayde Nicole

August 28, 2009

In a Clash Of The Douchebag Titans, The Hills’ Brody Jenner and Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis brawled early this morning outside supposedly exclusive Los Angeles bar-lounge Guys and Dolls.  For those of you not familiar to the L.A. club scene, Guys and Dolls caters to A-list partiers, yet somehow a recently jailed soft-core porn purveyor and a guy known only for reality show “acting” got in.  I put “acting” in quotes, because the only acting credit Jenner has on IMDB is in the “movie” Zac Efron’s Pool Party.  I put “movie” in quotes because, well, check out the cast—it speaks for itself.  The rest of Jenner’s credits indicate that he plays “Self.”  Are you really acting when the only part you play is yourself?  If these two are A-listers, I just moved up the alphabet.

To be fair, I don’t know Brody Jenner personally, but anyone who was best friends with The HillsSpencer Pratt has to be a douchebag.  (This is probably mathematically provable; I will attempt it in a future post.)  Joe Francis’ douchebag status, however, has been proven and is unassailable.  No matter your thoughts on Girls Gone Wild, the guy was convicted of child abuse and prostitution (a “no contest” plea bargain), and has been in legal trouble constantly for everything from possession of contraband to a $2 million gambling debt legally owed to the Wynn casino in Las Vegas.  Read the “Wynn Resorts Ltd.” portion of Francis’ Wikipedia entry, which empirically proves his douchebaggery.

Add to this that the fight started when Jenner’s girlfriend, 2008 Playmate of the Year Jayde Nicole (yes, Jayde; not Jade) threw a drink on Francis because he was “unrelentingly” hitting on a Jenner ex-girlfriend who was acquaintance of both Jenner and Nicole.  Francis took offense and assaulted Nicole, which got Jenner and Francis into it inside then outside the club, and then onto the pages here at TBTS.  Thank god for alcohol and lack of impulse control.  (An interesting aside: with apparently no awareness of the irony, Nicole has “Respect” tattooed on her “extreme lower abdomen,” placed there so that she could still model “without worrying about the tattoo being revealed on non-nude modelling jobs.”)

To see two eminently loathsome pseudo-celebrities, one getting Tased and the other getting another chance at jail, pound the snot out of each other over a Playboy PMOY would have been a real treat.  And since it happened outside the club, you wouldn’t have had to pay to watch.  I love L.A.!

  1. A Fool permalink
    August 28, 2009 2:11 pm

    This is fantastic. Now, if only somehow we could ensure goons like this would have weapons on them so they get shot next time.

  2. Sean Roberts permalink
    August 28, 2009 5:24 pm

    There needs to be a court sentence: “Remove from the Gene Pool.” Not execution mind you, simply a disavowl of a persons right to procreate. Obviously Mother Nature is no longer removing our “bad seed” with large predators. We have to look out for future generations and stop guys like Jenner and Francis from breeding.


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