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The Entertation Index: August 28

August 28, 2009

Avatar — Even though James Cameron’s 3-D epic doesn’t release in theaters until December 18, more than 75 AMC IMAX theaters began selling advance tickets online last Friday. Though selling tickets this far in advance is thus far a new tactic, AMC felt comfortable with the decision because, as an AMC spokesman stated, “no one who’s buying an Avatar ticket online four months in advance is going ‘have other plans’ on December 18. Trust us.”

Link: Avatar Tickets Already on Sale (Hollywood Reporter)

Biggs, Jason — Comic Jason Biggs was hiking and sightseeing in the British colony of Gibraltar when, according to sources, an out-of-control ape leapt from a tree onto the actor and “tried to bite his face off.” The ape, a Barbary macaque, was reportedly angry because it “really liked American Pie, and thought  American Pie 2 was okay, but felt American Wedding was just self-indulgent and those direct-to-video American Pie sequels The Naked Mile and Band Camp were just a money-grab which destroyed the franchise.” The primate’s rationale seemed so sound that for several minutes, no one came to Biggs’ assistance.

Link: American Pie Actor Jason Biggs Attacked by Gibraltar Ape (Telegraph)

Lisa, Mona — A new interactive exhibit at Beijing’s “World Classic Interactive Arts Exhibition” features a state-of-the-art rendition of Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa which will smile, wave, and answer any questions you have for her. It’s as if the classic Mona Lisa as you know her has come to life, and she’s just how you probably imagined she always would be: lively, playful, and only able to speak Chinese.

Link: Mona Lisa Comes to Life in High-Tech Art Exhibit (Reuters)

Portman, Natalie — In a recent interview in — gasp — Interview magazine, starlet Natalie Portman confesses two things of note: one, that she loves Carvell dessert cakes, and two, that she is a huge fan of “dirty rap.” This would finally explain why last year, Portman inexplicably told Vanity Fair that her favorite song was a tune called “Bitches Best Get Dey Fingaz Out My Ice Cream Cake.” 

Link: Natalie Portman Loves Obscene Hip Hop, Ice Cream Cake (Interview Magazine via Huffington Post)

Reading Rainbow — Today is the day the contract officially expires on PBS long-running children’s show Reading Rainbow, which has featured host LeVar Burton introducing popular children’s books for over 26 years. For those of use who love to read, the program was a formative institution for our younger years. Those of you who missed Reading Rainbow are out of luck, because LeVar is not going to re-read all those damn books to you again.

Link: Reading Rainbow Soon To Be TV History (

Swift, Taylor –– Pop star Taylor Swift tells Sugar magazine that she’s planning to release her own specialized cookbook featuring home-cooked meals. The recipes, according to sources, will reportedly consist of only two ingredients: white bread and vanilla.

Link: Taylor Swift “To Release Cookbook” (DigitalSpy)

Winfrey, Oprah — The media guru has announced that the title of her upcoming book club pick, to be the first added to Winfrey’s canon of books-she’s-made-immortal in over a year, will be revealed on Twitter. Sadly, however, the book will not reach its full potential of Oprah-endorsed stardom because your mother does not know how to use Twitter.

Link: Oprah Winfrey Twees About Upcoming Book Pick (USA Today)

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