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The Entertation Index: September 1

September 1, 2009

Culkin, Macauley – The Sun reports that Macauley Culkin is the “mystery” father to Michael Jackson’s son Prince Michael II, better known as Blanket.  Culkin reportedly donated sperm to a surrogate to have the child.  And we thought “The Making of The Good Son” was just a DVD extra.

Link: Culkin Blanket’s Dad? (The Sun)

Fox, Megan – The Transformers 2 star tells an interviewer in October’s Cosmopolitan that she is neurotically insecure and doesn’t like being seen.  “I want to be invisible,” Fox laments.  Megan, we love you here at TBTS, but you can’t achieve invisibility by starring in blockbuster movies and appearing on every magazine cover and website in the world.  Invisibility is achieved, as everyone knows, with magic potions.

Link: Megan Fox Wants to Hide (Cosmopolitan)

Gosselin, Jon – The Jon and Kate Plus Eight dad has spent his separation from his wife in silent introspection, isolated in an abbey somewhere in New Mexico and…what’s that?  He’s been fooling around with any blond chick that will sneak him up to her apartment?  He’s co-designing a line of clothing?  And he got paid to host a pool party in Las Vegas?  What’s next, head of AIG?  Academy Awards host?

Link: Jon’s Pool Party (Huffington Post)

Mraz, Jason – The singer’s “I’m Yours” has just broken a record for staying power on The Billboard Hot 100.  It hit seventy weeks there last week, and is still going.  Yes, you’re confused and angry and thinking, “how could this happen?”  Just remember that the previous record-holder was a Leann Rimes song.  Honestly, it doesn’t matter which one.

Link: Mraz Song Breaks Record (Celebrity Café)

Twitter – Seniors say the darndest things!  At least Justin’s dad does.

Link: Justin on Twitter (shitmydadsays)

Wedding, Amy Winehouse At Your – It’ll cost you $1.64 million to get Amy Winehouse to play your wedding, according to  Actually, it will cost you a little more once you have the eyeliner dry-cleaned out of the wedding dress, pay for broken chairs, and get the bar tab for all the stolen liquor.

Link: Amy Winehouse at Wedding (Idolator)

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