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Entertation Index: September 2

September 2, 2009

Disney, Marvel bought by — The House of Mouse announced Monday that they had reached a deal with Marvel Comics to purchase the superhero empire for a reported $4 billion. Changes in plotline you can expect include Christopher Robin being bitten by a radioactive Pooh, Pluto being killed in battle and replaced by his assistant as Pluto II (the orange Pluto), and a crossover storyline featuring Goofy taking on Doctor Doom’s weather machine.

Link:  Disney’s Marvel Takeover Ensnares Hollywood in Spider-Man Web (Bloomberg)

Hulu — A recent poll is suggesting that internet programming site Hulu’s online viewership may have superseded the viewership of Time Warner Cable for the month of July. Although, if we’re being fair, it’s believed that over 60% of Hulu’s views are of a “particularly sexy” episode of Star Trek: Babylon 5.

Link: Is Hulu Watched More Than Time Warner Cable? (Fast Company)

Ikea — The Swedish furniture juggernaut has announced that their catalogues will be switching from their a new font Verdana back to classic font Futura due to outrage from several design critics who have derided the catalogues’ new look, that’s why many people have decided to get their furniture online in sites as Ivy and Wilde online.  Still the number one complaint from Ikea customers, however? Not enough snørbs in their fnüdens. 

Link: Latest Ikea Design Has Critics Fuming (NPR)

Jovovich, Milla — The sultry Jovovich, who made news last week for marrying Resident Evil and Mortal Kombat director Paul W.S. Anderson, now reveals to Empire Magazine that she loves to eat odd things like “curdled camel cheese” and “cow bone marrow.” I can sympathize, Milla; the strangest thing I had to swallow last week was that someone like Milla Jovovich is in love with the guy who makes the god-awful Resident Evil and Mortal Kombat movies.

Link: Milla Jovovich Eats Curdled Camel Cheese (Daily Stab)

Oscars, Voting Change in — A further change for this year’s Oscar voting has a rather everyman twist to it: Academy members will now be asked to rank their top ten movies of the year in preferential order from most to least favorite, ensuring that the Academy Awards has now shifted to employ the same rules you and your buddies use when you’re drunk at a bar and ranking your top ten albums of all time. Let’s just hope Oscar voters can keep things straight, or this year’s Best Picture might go to Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk

Link: Academy to Use Preferential Voting to Pick Best Picture (Los Angeles Times)

Reunion, SNL — Sources report that this season of Amy Poehler’s sitcom Parks and Recreation will feature fellow Poehler collaborator Fred Armisen in a short story arc. Really, NBC? HBO’s got Larry David bringing the Seinfeld cast back together, and all you got is a Poehler/Armisen reteaming? You’re gonna have to do a lot better than that to get in on America’s reunion fever. May I suggest a very special evening with the cast of The Single Guy reunion show, perhaps?

Link: SNL Reunion on “Parks and Recreation” (Entertainment Weekly)

Weezer — In case you were wondering what musical tastes Cuomo and company have, check out online music site iheartradio’s latest addition, Weezer Radio. The station features long lost and unheard Weezer tracks as well as favorite music hand-picked by the band. Your move, Hall & Oates.

Link: Weezer Get Their Own Web Radio Station (Pitchfork)

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