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The Entertation Index: September 4

September 4, 2009

Abdul, Paula — The ousted American Idol judge has begun speaking to the mainstream press about her public disputes with American Idol producers, claiming the reason the left is not because of the money, it’s because of the “principle.” Apparently, Abdul stands by the steadfast principle of “I will not work in a place where people are constantly asking me to stop being a judge on their television program.” 

Link: Paula Abdul Breaks Her Silence (TV Guide)

Auction, Emmy — In conjunction with the upcoming Emmy Awards, the Television Academy Foundation is raising funds by offering on eBay items such as signed cane from House, a guest seat at a Family Guy table read and a poster signed by the cast of The Office. Not getting a lot of bids? A bicycle seat from I Love New York.

Link: Emmy Auction (eBay)

de Soleil, Cirque — Guy Lalliberte, the Canadian circus entrepreneur who created the empire of Cirque de Soleil, has announced that he team with Al Gore and U2 to host a live event from space on October 9 to promote clean water. Those Cirque acrobats are amazing, indeed. But in zero gravity? Now that’s just cheating. 

Link: Cirque de Soeil Show in Space (BBC)

Gwar — Because everyone’s Friday should be a little surreal, I highly suggest you click on the following YouTube link, which features a 1990 clip from The Joan Rivers Show. Because there’s really nothing like the disruption of the space-time continuum that can come from Joan Rivers interviewing Gwar. If you’re not a fan of the band’s heavy metal, that’s fine…but don’t let that stop you from skipping to the end where the band pretends to be from space and gives Joan part of a human arm.

Link: Gwar on The Joan Rivers Show (YouTube)

Lottery, California — In a new endorsement deal, the California Lottery is buddying up with Warner Music to create a series of artist-themed scratch-off tickets. Musicians who will have their own tickets include Seal, Tom Petty, Linkin Park and Taking Back Sunday. Because when I see the type of person who stands at the counter of my local gas station and picks eighty dollars of random scratch-off tickets at nine o’clock on a Sunday morning in his “Tell Your Boobs To Stop Looking At My Eyes” t-shirt, the first thing I think to myself is “yeah…I bet that guy’s probably a big Taking Back Sunday fan.”

Link: Goo Goo Dolls, Seal Coming to California Lotto Tickets (Rolling Stone)

Wolf, Teen — MTV has reportedly ordered a television series based on 1985’s Michael J. Fox classic Teen Wolf. Oh, to be a young development executive in Hollywood these days, where all you have to do is turn on TNT on Sunday afternoon and decide to remake whatever they’re showing. Please, please, please let Mannequin be next.

Link: MTV Orders “Tenn Wolf” Series Pilot (News in Film)

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