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The Entertation Index: September 8

September 8, 2009

Brown, Chris – Having been sentenced after attacking Rihanna, 20-year-old Brown will perform community service that includes, among other thing, trash removal.  It is unclear whether this will involve removing his CDs from local music stores.

Link: Chris Brown Community Service (Sky)

Cougar Town – This last Sunday, a cougar that had been living near Seattle’s largest park and caused it to be closed down was finally captured.  In other, perhaps unrelated news, Courteney Cox has not been seen since Sunday.

Link: Cougar Returned to Wild (NY Times)

Gaga, Lady – The provocative singer’s “Poker Face” is being hailed as the most downloaded song ever.  This is not the story I expected when I read the teaser headline “Lady Gaga Crowned Download Queen.”

Link: Gaga’s Tops (Sky)

Lohan, Lindsay – Perhaps she’s turning over a new leaf, perhaps she’s completely aware of the irony, or perhaps she has no idea: rehab queen Lohan’s latest t-shirt sports the text “Just Say No To Drugs.”  Lindsay has said it hundreds of times, but drugs will simply not take “No” for an answer.

Link: Lohan’s Anti-Drug Message (TMZ)

Ratner, Brett – The director has taken a bath on his investment in the Fountainbleau Resort in Las Vegas, which was being developed by Ratner’s childhood friend Jeff Soffer.  This should have been no surprise, given Ratner’s penchant for somehow turning good things to poo (see X-Men: The Last Stand, Rush Hour 3).

Link: Ratner Loses on Vegas Investment (New York Post)

Wood, Evan RachelThe Wrestler actress lost to Kirsten Dunst for the role of “Vampire Girl who has Creepy Scene with Brad Pitt” in Interview With The Vampire.  Years later she would make good on kissing the pale-skinned undead when she dated Marilyn Manson.

Link: Evan Rachel Wood Smooches (People)

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