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The Entertation Index: September 9

September 9, 2009

Barker, Bob — The former game show guru, clearly in an effort to plug his upcoming book, spent some time hosting WWE Raw Monday night, where he sparred verbally with WWE star Chris Jericho and got physical to take down musclebound Chavo Guererro. Sadly, the night turned horrific after Barker ordered tag team Primo and Carlito Colón to be spayed and neutered.

Link: Bob Barker + WWE = The Price is RAW (Entertainment Weekly)

Beatles, Artwork of the — Poor Jon Polk. According to a recent article in USA Today, he spent over ten years tirelessly researching the artwork associated with the band, compiling a 200-page linen-covered book of art and history on each of the Fab Five’s album covers. Then, he’s ready to unveil it, and Rock Band: Beatles Edition comes out and suddenly no one cares that the Beatles ’65 album comes in ten different background colors, because now you can sing “Octopus’ Garden” along with CGI Ringo!

Link: Art in “Beatles Box of Vision” is “Married to the Music” (USA Today)

Corn, Children of the — Rumor has it that the Weinsteins, in search of their next big hit, are pushing for new installments of the Children of the Corn series. I thought several of these had already been made by the Disney channel, and that they were called The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, The Wizards of Waverly Place, Hannah Montana and Jonas.

Link: Weinstein Adds New Dimensions to Label (Variety)

Gosselin, Jon — The fertile Gosselin is making headlines again as he keeps his own gossip train running during a recent interview with ABC news in which he alleged “verbal and physical abuse” from his wife Kate during their years together. Apparently, the only thing that can cure that pain is partying on a boat with Christian Audigier, hosting pool parties at Las Vegas hotspots and dating girls a third your age. Hey, whatever you have to do to heal, buddy.

Link: Gosselin’s Dish on Kate Should Be Great “Primetime” Fodder (Boston Herald)

Leno, Jay –Upcoming 10 o’clocker Leno is putting the finishing touches on The Jay Leno Show, set to premiere next week, and it doesn’t appear that he’ll have a lot to do since he’s already hired on twelve popular comedians to field “correspondent” slots. The staggering cast of comics — including Brian Unger, Jim Norton, Rachael Harris, D.L. Hughley, Dan Finnert, Ross Matthews, Nick Thune, Owen Benjamin, Marina Franklin, Liz Feldman and Sebastian Maniscalco — have been led to believe that they’re not appearing on Leno’s show, but rather the lineup for this year’s Montreal “Just For Laughs” Festival. Sssh. Don’t tell them.

Link: Jay Leno Adds Seven Comedy Correspondents (The Live Feed)

Stone, Oliver — Self-proclaimed “historian” Oliver Stone, who brought us his takes on Vietman, assassination, and presidential guilt in Platoon, JFK, and Nixon, now takes other historical events in the upcoming ten-part series “Oliver Stone’s Secrets of America.” Secret number one? Oliver Stone makes up lots of stuff about history. Secret number two? You are an idiot if you are listening to Oliver Stone’s version of anything instead of reading it in a history book.

Link: History Lessons from Oliver Stone (New York Times)

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