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The Entertation Index: September 10

September 10, 2009

Anderson, Pamela – The former Baywatch and Playboy babe is dating electrician Jamie Padgett, whom she met “while work was being done on her.”  This is how I incorrectly read the story at first.  It actually reads “while work was being done on her house.”  It works either way, really.

Link: Pam Anderson’s New Beau (CNN)

Banks, Tyra – The talk show host reveals to People magazine that bad dreams as a young girl made her develop a fear of dolphins.  This worked out well for her “childhood fantasy” of a one-day modeling stint on The Price Is Right, which might have included a contestant guessing the price of a can of tuna.

Link: Tyra Banks Trivia (People)

Griffith, Melanie – Antonio Banderas confirmed that his wife, Melanie Griffith, had indeed checked herself into rehab to prevent readdiction to painkillers after an accident a couple years ago.  It is unclear if the accident being referred to was her appearance as “Bunny” in the poorly-received show “Viva Laughlin.”

Link: Melanie Griffith in Rehab (NJ)

Keillor, GarrisonA Prairie Home Companion host suffered a minor stroke recently and checked himself into Minnesota’s Mayo Clinic.  Luckily at that facility all the sedatives are strong, all the nurses are good looking, and all the doctors are above average.  Get well soon.

Link: Keillor Has Stroke (Entertainment Weekly)

Rambo – Just a week ago today The Entertation Index informed readers that Rambo V would involve battling human traffickers and drug lords near the Mexican border.  Either initial reports were wrong or the script changed considerably since then, because Rambo V: The Savage Hunt will instead see Rambo eluding half-man half-abomination experimental pseudo-soldiers.  This makes the movie way better.  Fear not, TBTS readers: as you have demanded, we will keep you up-do-date on breaking Rambo V news.

Link: Rambo V Script (Spout)

Richie, Nicole and Madden, Joel – The couple announced the birth of their boy Sparrow James Midnight Madden.  According to Richie’s website, the child weighed 7 lbs 14 oz, nearly half the weight of his mother.  (Note: there are so many great jokes here that they can’t all be written today.  Look for more in upcoming Entertation Indices!)

Link: Richie, Madden Have Child (Associated Press)

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