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Hunting and Tracking the Elusive Arrested Development Movie

September 13, 2009

If you’ve never seen or know anything about Mitch Hurwitz’s modern-day television classic and dead-before-its-time Arrested Development, you can talk to the hand as far as this guy’s concerned. No, seriously. I’m going to put my hand up in front of my face, as if to shield any words you may further have for me, and any further questions can be directed to my hand, which will ignore you, because it is a hand.

If you are an Arrested Development guy or girl, however, you love the fact that there may be a feature film based on the show in the works. Love, love, love it. Because if there’s anything Arrested Development fans want more than anything, it’s more Arrested Development.

The problem is that, depending on who you ask, the movie’s alternately a no-go, in development, still in the conceptual phase, holding out on specific actors, or written. And that makes it hard to get excited about the idea. 

The rumors for the project have gone through many variations. First there was the allegation that awkward film personality Michael Cera, who played the fantastic George Michael Bluth, was the only cast member holding out on attaching himself, which was in turn holding up the film’s progress. This bred massive contempt on Cera’s IMDB message boards. It got ugly for the young man. And yet, it was revealed to be only a rumor by Cera himself. All false. 

Then both Jeffrey Tambor and Ron Howard appeared on the Opie & Anthony radio show and mentioned the film in separate appearances. Tambor hinted that it was happening, and Howard all but said it was already being written.

Cinema news site WorstPreviews, citing a story in the Hollywood Reporter (which couldn’t be found), claimed that there was a movie being written, and that it starred the cast of AD, but it was not an Arrested Development movie, but rather one centering around Will Arnett as a greedy Hollywood exec.

To top it off, Alia Shawkat, who played too-clever Bluth Cousin Maeby Fünke, insinuated to Movieline that a script may be finished and shooting would begin in December, possibly even September (this month). But Will Arnett, who played failed magician Gob in AD, told Movieline only two weeks ago that “…Mitch [Hurwitz, the show’s creator] and I have been working on the new show, so unfortunately for the movie, we have been focusing on that for the last couple of months.”

Jason Bateman told IGN on September 4 that Mitch Hurwitz is halfway through writing it, and it’ll be shot in six weeks and out, a small film. And the most recent quote from an AD cast member came Thursday night, when David Cross told NY Mag that he had no idea what was going on. In fact, he even forbodingly stated that “There’s no movie — there’s not not a movie, but there’s no movie.” 

Feel free to scour the internet for various and sundry other contradictions hanging over the fate of the film, but it doesn’t leave Arrested Development fans particularly beaming with hope. The show came and went too fast — one of the smartest-written sitcoms in the last ten years, in my opinion, and the movie would likely make a mint on its cult fan base alone. To forgo that, and to quote most of the cast of Arrested Development, all parties involved would “have made a huge mistake.

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