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The Entertation Index: September 14

September 14, 2009

Black, Jack – The frenetic comedian from School of Rock and Tenacious D is spotted tootling around NYC carrying a giant axe.  Perhaps he was paying a visit to his agent for recommending he star in Year One.

Link: Black With Axe (Gawker)

Brown, Dan – The super-best-selling author of The Da Vinci Code has just released his new book, “The Lost Symbol.”  Without even reading it, you can expect atrocious, completely unnatural dialogue; a ridiculously mulleted, impossibly resourceful Indiana Jones clone; and mind-bender puzzles you might find by googling “folded $20 bill.”

Link: The Lost Symbol Released (NY Times)

Fox, Megan – It looks like our TBTS favorite once again generated headlines when she compared Transformers director Michael Bay, on set at least, to Hitler.  In defense of Bay, three anonymous Transformers crew members wrote a lengthy response absolutely lambasting Fox.  Bay himself posted a short piece trying to defuse the situation.  As of today, no rebuttal from Fox.  Check out the link; it’s worth the read.  This one’s only going to get better.

Link: Megan Fox Back-and-Forth (Huffington Post)

Hilton, Paris — Socialite, celebutante, debutite, and socialante Paris Hilton had the following quote considered something enough to be entered into the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations: “Dress cute wherever you go, life is too short to blend in.”  Since Paris’ lofty observation got in, next year I can expect to have accepted my exclamations “%$#!^” and “God, I swear to you I’ll never drink again if you just get me through this” after a night of whiskey shots at McCarthy’s.  See you at the awards ceremony!

Link: Paris Hilton in Oxford Dictionary of Quotation (Sky)

VH1, Reality TV Shows On – Insiders at VH1 say that, after one of their reality show contestants (Ryan Jenkins) murdered his wife (Jasmine Fiore), they’ll “chill on the crazies” for a while by running shows featuring more celebrities and fewer random people.  To anyone who has ever watched reality TV, especially VH1 programming, showcasing more celebrities will not achieve their goal of “chilling on the crazies.”

Link: VH1 Toning It Down (NY Post)

Willis, Rumer – The 21-year-old daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore tells People magazine that she celebrated her 16th birthday at Ashton Kutcher’s place, who at the time was 26.  It must have been weird to have to say, “no, future stepdad in my same age cohort, I will not shotgun a beer with you.”

Link: Rumer Willis Trivia (People)

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