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The Entertation Index: September 15

September 15, 2009

Diaries, Vampire – Kayla Ewell, who plays Vicki on The CW’s new highest rated show, professes that she and five other people were not flashing motorists from a bridge in Forsyth,GA, as several motorists reported.  Officers did find pictures showing the group “hanging, sitting, and straddling the bridge.”  Ewell explains they were simply eating lo mein and rice, and definitely NOT worms and maggots, and that they’ll never grow old, Michael, and they’ll never die.

Link: Vampire Diaries Stars Booked (Entertainment Weekly)

Gaga, Lady – Apparently dressing in a top made of Kermits wasn’t enough, so Lady Gaga went a little crazier for the VMAs.  If you mixed Victorian England with Alice in Wonderland and the Muppets, then shot it with shells filled with LSD, you might approximate Lady Gaga’s costumes at the awards.

Link: Lady Gaga’s Crazy Costumes (Huffington Post)

Gosselin, Kate – The Jon and Kate Plus Eight matriarch told the second annual Cleveland Women’s Show that she just wants to go back to being a mom, and didn’t want all the attention: “At the beginning of all of this, you’ve heard me say before, I didn’t want fans gawking, I didn’t want people gawking, I just wanted to be myself, my family.”  Apparently she failed to realize that gawking at every detail of your life and daily train wrecks are exactly the way you get a lucrative TV deal and tons of free crap.  Best get back to work!

Link: Kate’s Regrets (Us Magazine)

Hefner, Hugh – The 83-year-old man behind the Playboy empire explains that he waited for his youngest child with estranged wife Kimberly Conrad to turn 18 to officially file for divorce.  This dispels the rumor that he was waiting until some of his $50 savings bonds matured, which would now be worth a trillion dollars.

Link: Hefner Files for Divorce (Huffington Post)

Lightsabers, Animals With – “Join me, and we can rule the garden as father and son…”  This is your cute link for the day.  The favorites are great (link below), but check out the whole site.

Link: Animals With Lightsabers

Swayze, Patrick – Hated Dirty Dancing, but loved Roadhouse and Donnie Darko.  The man had some range: drama, comedy, cross-dressing.  If you didn’t laugh your ass off at him and Chris Farley on Saturday Night Live, you need a trip to the shrink.  Rest in peace, Patrick.  We’ll drink a double-deuce for you tonight.

Link: Patrick Swayze Dies (AP)

Winehouse, Amy – The talented but troubled songstress tells People that as a child she wanted to be a roller-skating waitress.  Given her troubles with the legal system and rehabilitation facilities, in a few short years she may get her chance.  I hear Sonics are hiring.

Link: Amy Winehouse Trivia (People)

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