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The Entertation Index: September 23

September 23, 2009

Barker, Bob — A Los Angeles judge threw out former “Barker’s Beauty” Deborah Curling’s lawsuit against Price is Right host Bob Barker, which claims she was forced to endure a “hostile work environment” including racist and anti-semitic jokes. Also alleged: that Barker proposed “Naked Plinko” with Curling on several occasions and asked her to guess whether the item in his pants was “going higher or lower.”

Link: Lawsuit Against Barker, Price is Right Tossed (Baltimore Sun)

Fincher, DavidThe Fight Club and Seven director, in preparations to film his new movie based on the founding of social-networking site, has cast Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Timberlake in the lead roles. Fincher’s official comments today included “Hey everyone, I’m on my way to Costco for more dog food!” “Why does it always rain when I wash my car?” and “OMG, Big Bang Theory was so funny tonight! ROFLMAO”

Link: Fincher Makes Facebook Connections (Variety)

Jonas, Kevin — The eldest Jonas Brother, slated to wed in the upcoming months, has revealed that he will in fact have two best men — brothers Joe and Nick will share the duties. Per his Disney contract, however, Goofy must be in the groomsman party, the reception will be furnished with the singing and dancing silverware from Beauty and the Beast, and fiance Danielle Deleasa will not be permitted to change from a mermaid to a human being until the exact moment they are officially married.

Link: Kevin Jonas Chooses His Best Men (Popeater)

Kardashian, Kim — The reality star(?) blogged Monday that during the Emmy awards on Sunday night, she had a problem with her awards show gown when the “entire zipper ripped” en route to the ceremony. This would explain why thousands of people watching wondered why it appeared that Michael Chiklis and Paul Giamatti were crouching naked next to one another on the red carpet directly behind Kim Kardashian on Sunday night.

Link: Kim Kardashian Has Wardrobe Malfunction at Emmys (US Magazine)

Lohan, Lindsay — The adorable, mischevious Freaky Friday ingenue has supposedly been linked to one of the prime suspects in the recent burglary of her home. Nick Prugo,18, is under suspicion of having ties to the burglary and has a prior arrest for cocaine possession. “This is all so silly,” laughed Lohan. “Of course I don’t know Nick Prugo. I mean, if I knew a cocaine-dealing burglar, don’t you think I’d be high on stolen cocaine right now?”

Link: LiLo May Have Connection to Burglary Suspect (TMZ)

Opera, Metropolitan — Opening night at New York’s Metropolitan Opera, featuring a new rendition of Puccini’s Tosca, was marred when violent booing broke out in an unhappy audience. It’s okay, Met Opera — they weren’t booing, they were chanting “diminuuuuuuuuuuendo.”

Link: For Opening Night at the Met, a New Sound (New York Times)

Wentz, Pete — Fall Out Boy lead singer Wentz, who has a young son Bronx Mowgli with Ashlee Simpson, reveals on his twitter page that he sometimes goes for hours without being able to sleep. Aww, Pete. Should be easy. After all, that’s not your baby crying, he’s just pantomiming along to a recording of a baby crying. Simply turn off the stereo.

Link: Pete Wentz Can’t Sleep (contactmusic)

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