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The Entertation Index: September 24

September 24, 2009

Creature, Unidentified – Late last week four Panamanian teenagers encountered a strange creature that  had “an animal-like head, but a strange body with skinny, human like arms.”  In possibly related news, the whereabouts of Victoria Beckham late last week are unknown.

Link: Strange Creature (Examiner)

Cruise, Suri – The 3-year-old daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes stepped out in high heels earlier this week.  This made her taller than her father.

Link: Suri’s High Heels (E! Online)

Gayheart, Rebecca – The recently pregnant former Noxzema girl was seen smoking a cigarette, which has public and prenatal health advocates fuming.  In her defense, she may have just finished having sex, with two people, on videotape.

Link: Smoking Gayheart (INF Daily)

Hornby, Nick – The author of High Fidelity and About A Boy will be writing a screenplay called The Babymakers, “an animated family film about creatures that create an infant inside a mother’s womb.”  We hate to tell Mr. Hornby that this story has been written several times before, and the little “creatures” already have names (sperm, egg).

Link: Hornby to Pen Animated Screenplay (Entertainment Weekly)

Kardashian, Khloe – The “?” Kardashian sister is marrying L.A. Lakers star Lamar Odom in less than a week.  When People asked big sister Kim her reaction, she is thought to have replied, “Don’t you want to know about me?  Here, I’ll wear a bikini and splash around in the ocean for you, or come down a slide with a bikini on, or eat this hot dog in a bikini.”

Link: A Kardashian Gets Married (People)

Panettiere, Hayden – The Heroes star bought herself a Porsche Cayenne SUV after Heroes was picked up for a full season in 2006, and promptly almost ran over Kanye West.  Somewhere, Taylor Swift sighs.

Link: Hayden Trivia (People)

Winehouse, Amy – A picture of a fan asking Ms. Winehouse for an autograph?

Link: Winehouse Photo (Gawker)

  1. September 24, 2009 3:25 pm

    I can’t let this pass without remarking on Lamar Odom’s own oddity and his famous addiction to candy. Seriously.

    • September 24, 2009 3:26 pm

      bah, I fail at xhtml. Just Google Lamar Odom and candy addiction, and see how it was alleged to affect his judgment and prompt erratic play.

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