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The Entertation Index: October 1

October 1, 2009

Cryer, JonPeople magazine reports that the “Two and a Half Men Emmy winner” and his wife recently adopted a baby girl.  If “It might have been” are the saddest words of tongue and pen, surely a close second are “Two and a Half Men Emmy winner.”

Link: Cryer Adopts (People)

Duritz, Adam – The Counting Crows singer has been a big “interfacial” dater, meaning he has gone out with women way hotter than he is.  No joke here: I just think “interfacial” is a clever term for dating out of your league looks-wise, and describing Duritz as “resembling a pineapple” is oddly accurate.

Link: Duritz Dates Drop-Dead Dames (Huffington Post)

Gosselins – I naively thought we might be done with the Gosselins, but it appears not.  Jon has asked that the divorce be suspended to give him and Kate time to communicate.  If they reconcile, the equation muddies: Jon + ((Kate Gosselin – Kate Gosselin) + (Kate Major – Kate Major) + Kate Gosselin) + 8.  Find a differential equations textbook at your public library and study up for next month’s developments.

Link: Gosselins’ Divorce on Hold? (Fancast)

Hills, The – The Daily Beast’s Nicole LaPorte penned an article revealing the per-episode pay for various Hills’ stars.  Ex-participant Lauren Conrad was reportedly paid $125,000 per show, and had a contract clause stipulating that no other Hills’ actor’s salary could exceed hers.  Others didn’t do so badly either: Spencer Pratt raked in $65,000 each episode, which is the same amount I would pay not to have lunch with him.

Link: Hills’ Salaries (The Daily Beast)

Johansson, Scarlett – The Iron Man 2 co-star opens up to Glamour about lots of stuff, including the tabloid fascination with her supposed weight loss while training for the movie.  “[T]here was this rumor mill cranking out stories that I had lost 14 pounds—I could never lose 14 pounds—and was on some miracle diet,” she says incredulously.  She may have added later, “Besides, I heard one of the Olsen twins lost 14 pounds and disappeared.”

Link: Johansson in Glamour (Glamour)

Newman, Paul – Paul’s daughter Nell, reveals that her dad was on Richard Nixon’s enemies list—and loved it.  The dude co-founded a company that has given $250 million to charity, starred in a bunch of cool movies, started a camp for sick kids, and cut a friend’s desk in half with an electric chainsaw as a practical joke (haha!).  Young Hollywood, here’s your ideal.  Paul, we miss you already.

Link: Nell Newman Talks Paul (NPR)

  1. October 1, 2009 10:03 am

    I am in love with Adam Duritz. It is my opinion that it doesn’t matter much what you look like when you write songs like that.


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