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The Entertation Index: October 8

October 8, 2009

Abides, The Dude – Now I’m not one to read books much.  In fact, I’ve burnt more than my share.  But a book of religion and philosophy that finds its parables in the Coen Brothers oeuvre is okay with me.  The Dude Abides came out yesterday.

Link: Coen Bros Source of Divine Inspiration (Gawker)

Gosselin 1, Jon – The Jon and Kate Plus Eight patriarch went toe-to-toe with Nancy Grace on The Insider this week, which is like a blindfolded poodle being thrown into the ring with a famished lioness.  With the expected interruptions and sarcasm, Nancy Grace accuses, assumes, and bowls over Gosselin during her monologues.  Wow, Grace has to be the only person who has made me feel even a little sorry for the guy.

Link: Gosselin vs. Grace (The Insider)

Gosselin 2, Jon – Okay, I stand corrected.  Famous-for-being-on-reality-TV Bethenny Frankel (Real Housewives of New York City) has thrown in her two cents too, telling Jon he needs to “get [his] crap together.”  Next, Osama bin Laden will pile on and tell Jon on The View that he needs to “put that marriage back together and get Kate into therapy.  Boy, start actin’ like a man!”

Link: Gosselin vs. Frankel (TransWorld News)

Heroes – Now that Claire is doing some “experimenting” in college to help save the series, maybe we’ll see a bunch more university-centric story lines like bringing Isaac back to paint sick keggers, having Sylar totally waste that crappy English professor, or sending Daphne on beer runs.  And maybe they could have a dude who turns water into wine and…oh, wait, there’s already a story about that?

Link: Heroes Desperation (Entertainment Weekly)

Letterman, David – Although rumors surfaced that the late-night powerhouse’s affairs might spark an internal investigation by CBS or Worldwide Pants, further review of the incidents seems unlikely.  A non-existent source explained, saying that “internal probings have already taken place.”  Booyah!

Link: Letterman Fallout (Hollywood Insider)

Lutz, Kellan –The Twilight series actor apparently didn’t know that the movies he was starring in originated from a somewhat popular series of books—perhaps you’ve heard of them?—until his costar Ashley Greene filled him in: “She’s like, ‘Did you read the books?’ And I’m like… ‘What books?’”  He then may have said, “What are ‘vampires’?  And what’s that big one thing over there staring at me with the giant glass eye with the guy standing behind it?  Is it going to steal my soul?  Where am I?”

Link: Kellan Lutz Trivia (People)

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