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The Entertation Index: October 16

October 16, 2009

Atlanticus, Codex — An exhibit featuring over 1,000 pages from Leonardo da Vinci’s famed twelve-volume set of notebooks the Codex Atlanticus will go on exhibition to the public for six years. The fabled pages reportedly contain countless engineering designs, rough drafts of paintings, anatomical sketches, ideas for contraptions and Van Halen logos.

Link: A Peek at the Real da Vinci Codex (Wall Street Journal)

Authors, Children’s — You may or may not have heard by now that Where the Wild Things Are author Maurice Sendak recently told Newsweek that people who think the film adaptation of his book is too scary can go to hell. Now culture site Asylum puts together a list of the toughest kids’ writers in history, where Sendak is in good company. Unless we find out that J.K. Rowling pulled out an adversary’s spine Mortal Kombat-style, this list looks to stay fairly valid.

Link: Who’s the Most Badass Children’s Book Author? (Asylum)

Durst, Fred — The former Limp Bizkit frontman filed for divorce from new wife Esther Nazarov after only one month. It’s the classic he said/she said: he claims she is pushy and abrasive; she claims he is the washed up lead singer of a flash-in-the pan band from a rap/metal musical movement in the 90’s that produced nothing of lasting value.

Link: Fred Durst’s Marriage — One Month and Done (TMZ)

Guzman, Alejandra — Mexican pop star Alejandra Guzman has been hospitalized due to complications from a routine procedure of buttocks injections. The last time doctors at Centro Médico Nacional hospital saw a celebrity ass this grotesque was during their group outing to a Mexico City Barnes and Noble for Gene Simmons’ latest book reading.

Link: Alejandra Guzman’s Butt Injection Infection Gets Star Hospitalized (Huffington Post)

ha, A- — Norwegian 80’s pop sensation A-ha has announced that at the completion of the band’s current tour, they will disband. What a shame. Just think of all the great music A-Ha has delivered over the years. Songs like “Take On Me”….and….”Take On Me”….and…okay, just those two. But still.

Link: A-ha to Break Up After 25 Years (BBC)

Moses — Expect a blockbuster of biblical proportions in theaters soon as Variety reports that 20th Century Fox plans to tell the story of Moses in — wait for it — “green-screen 300-style.” Notable scenes will be Moses outrunning the exploding bush in slow motion and commandeering a tank full of Jews through the red sea. Let’s just hope Michael Bay doesn’t direct and cast Megan Fox as Esther — we know what happens when those two get together.

Link: Holy Moses! Chernin Makes First Big Picture Buy (Variety)

O’Brien, Conan — This evening’s Tonight Show will feature host Conan O’Brien squaring off against Newark, New Jersey mayor Cory Booker. Booker “banned” O’Brien from the Newark airport after repeated jokes the host made about the city. Booker’s appearance is somewhat self-defeating, however, as even if he wins the showdown, he still has to get on an airplane and go back to Newark.

Link: New Jersey Mayor to Face Off Against Conan O’Brien (USA Today)

Swap, Wife — The family of a 6-year-old boy who was believed to have been whisked away yesterday by an balloon-like experimental aircraft built by his father in the family’s backyard have been revealed to have once appeared on ABC’s Wife Swap. The episode in question swapped the mother from a home that had young children and a swingset in the backyard with a mother from a home that had young children and dangerous, balloon-like experimental aircraft in the backyard.

Link: Balloon Family — Reality Stars, Thrill Seekers (People)

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