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The Entertation Index: October 21

October 21, 2009

Channel, The Weather — The famous-for-delivering-you-the weather channel is about to become the annoying-for-showing-movies channel, as the Weather Channel has announced it will air feature films on Friday nights. The worst new change about this format? Paul Blart: Mall Cop on the eights.

Link: Weather Channel Will Show Movies Which Have Nothing to do With Weather (CinemaBlend)

Kardashian, Khloe — Super-famous breakout talent Khloe Kardashian and NBA player Lamar Odom have officially signed a prenuptial agreement. Lamar reportedly will fund the couple’s joint account and give Kardashian an annual lump sum, and in return Kardashian promises not to eat him.

Link: Khloe and Lamar — Prenup is a Done Deal! (TMZ)

Lambert, Adam — The American Idol runner-up, whose album is hotly anticipated, has leaked that the title of said debut album will be For Your Entertainment, which is also the name of a famous chain of mall music stores. Not to be outdone, AI winner Kris Allen’s album will be called Orange Julius, David Archuleta is calling his next release Sunglass Hut and Ruben Studdard’s will be called The Great American Steak & Fry Company.

Link: Adam Lambert’s Forthcoming Album to Pay Tribute to Nearly Dead Mall Chain (Idolator)

Osbourne, Kelly — Ozzy and Sharon’s little girl has revealed that she turned down an offer to pose nude in Playboy. And apparently this is the second time she’s been asked. I’m confused as to which is the more interesting story — that Playboy really wants Kelly Osborne to get naked for the magazine, or that a D-List celebrity announcing that she won’t pose nude is big news.

Link: Kelly Osbourne Will Never Pose Nude (Starpulse)

Stone, Oliver — Spanish internet provider Terra Networks supposedly paid director Oliver Stone $75,000 for a speaking engagement Monday night, only to see him go ballistic on the internet, calling internet users “Philistines” and saying that no film on the internet will ever be considered “fine art.” Obviously, Oliver Stone has never seen my favorite movie, Haitian Weatherman.

Link: Oliver Stone Hates the Internet, Likes the Internet’s Money (Gawker)

Valderrama, Wilmer — FOX has announced its plans to air a half-hour comedy starring Wilmer Valderrama as a Cesar Milan-style “Dog Whisperer.” Finally, FOX has been reading my letters. I’ve been saying for years that a hilarious sitcom idea would be to cast Wilmer Valderrama as a dog whisperer. Thumbs up!

Link: Wilmer Valderrama to Play Dog Whisperer (ComingSoon)

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