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The Entertation Index: October 22

October 22, 2009

Brother, Big – Ninth season winner Adam Jasinski has been arrested for trying to sell 2000 oxycodone pills to a government witness in Massachusetts.  Instead of being charged with a crime, the feds are considering allowing Jasinski to dispense the pills, saying “that’s the only way people will make it through that boring-ass show.”

Link: Big Brother Winner Loses (Huffington Post)

Gosling, Ryan – Producers had a tough time finding Gosling to give him the script for Fracture (2007) because he was living in a tent for a couple months at the time “for reasons he won’t disclose.”  Later that year he would star in Lars and the Real Girl, about a man who befriends a life-sized sex doll.  During his “tent time” it is believed he sequestered himself with his Real Girl “co-star” to research the part.

Link: Gosling Trivia (People)

Lohan, Ali – Lohan patriarch Michael accuses his ex-wife Dina of “pushing their 15-year-old daughter Ali down the same destructive path as big sis Linds.”  Dina vehemently denied this, then fed Ali her usual Stoli Raspberry breakfast smoothie and cocaine-and-pain-killer omelet (the “Eye-Opener”), and shoved her in an SUV to drive herself to high school.

Link: Mo-hammered Ali? (Fox News)

Prejean, Carrie – Hey Carrie, the Miss California Pageant called: they want their boobs back!  Hahaha—wait, that’s not a joke?  The production crew for the pageant may not want the actual falsies returned, but they do want the money spent on them repaid.  What a circus.

Link: Prejean’s Assets to Be Repossessed? (TMZ)

Seymour, Stephanie – The ex-Victoria’s Secret model is going through a pretty nasty divorce, and has had several court-mandated urine samples invalidated because they weren’t the minimum temperature.  When asked why so many failed tests due to low temp, she is thought to have replied, “I thought you asked for ‘Cold November Rain’.”

Link: Seymour Pee Invalid (NY Post)

Somers, Suzanne – She helped zillions of people squeeze squeeze squeeze their way to shapelier hips and thighs.  Now Somers has moved from flabby thighs to…cancer.   The exercise equipment huckster is telling people to avoid chemotherapy for most cancers, concerning the American Cancer Society and lots of doctors.  Suzanne, are you sure this is the direction you want to be taking?  A stopped clock is right twice a day, so let’s leave the incredibly complex science of oncology to the scientists.

Link: Somers Advises Against Chemo (AP)

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