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The Entertation Index: October 26

October 26, 2009

Beyoncé — Last Friday, Beyoncé cancelled a Malaysian concert after Islamic fundamentalists predicted that it would be “immoral.” When pressed for further elaboration, spokespeople for the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party explained that not only did they not like it, but that they would most assuredly not be putting a ring on it.

Link: Beyoncé Concert in Malaysia is Postponed (New York Times)

Cent, 50 — The rapper reveals that he found it difficult to adopt a grasp of cockney slang for his upcoming movie Dead Man Running. Reportedly, however, he picked up enough that his next album will feature regional lyrics such as “I’m goin’ for a bit of the bendy with me favourite bird/ Gonna Harry Monk in a two n’ eight absurd/ ‘avin’ a rabbit and pork down at the local wif me bob/ an’ a tin bath gander at the kettle n’ fob.”

Link: 50 Cent: “I Couldn’t Do English Accent” (Digitalspy)

Ecology, Celebrity — E! Online takes us into the world of superstar earth-saving, revealing to us the good deeds our screen idols do to help protect the planet — among them that Jennifer Aniston takes only three-minute showers, Toby Maguire doesn’t use anything leather and Bob Dylan sells renewable grocery bags at his concerts. Hey, I stopped watching movies starring Tea Leoni, does that count for anything? No? Well, at least I’m saving myself.

Link: Does Jennifer Aniston Only Take Three-Minute Showers? (E! Online)

Perry, Tyler — Multi-gazillionaire producer, director and actor Tyler Perry fought back at Spike Lee on last night’s 60 Minutes, explaining that he was “pissed off” by Lee’s mockery of Perry’s character Madea after Lee accused Perry of “buffoonery.” For the remaining 58 minutes of the program, we watched the quirky ups and downs in the relationships of Steve Kroft, Lesley Stahl, Morley Safer and Andy Rooney as they each found their own self-empowerment, a montage played over a currently popular R&B song, and someone gave an impassioned speech in church that made everything okay.

Link: Tyler Perry Rips Spike Lee on “60 Minutes” (Entertainment Weekly)

Morrissey — During a Swindon, UK concert, former Smiths frontman Morrissey reportedly collapsed on-stage and had to be dragged off by attending stagehands. It’s not yet known whether the collapse was a side-effect of illness or whether Morrissey had finally become too sad to stand. Regardless, we hope he feels better soon.

Link: Morrissey Hospitalized After Stage Collapse (Huffington Post)

Theron, Charlize — Actress Charlize Theron, during a San Francisco charity event for the organization OneXOne last Thursday, auctioned off a kiss and fetched a whopping $140,000 from a willing female bidder. Congratulations, Charlize Theron, you’re a prostitute. But a prostitute with a heart of gold, like Pretty Woman!

Link: Charlize Theron Kisses Woman for $140,000 (Us Magazine)

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