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The Entertation Index: October 27

October 27, 2009

Gosselin, Jon – In my dreams, I’m running through the streets of New York, chased by something I can’t quite see, but it’s always there no matter how fast or long I run, like that creature in Jeepers Creepers.  I reach home, fumble with my keys and drop them, then feel a presence behind me.  Slowly I turn, and see it staring at me, hungry.  I wake up screaming every time.

Link: Gosselin Golem (Gawker)

Love, Faizon – The Couples Retreat actor tells Uinterview that his nude scenes were full Monty: “[Director] Peter Billingsley came to me and said, ‘Most actors put a sock or something on [their penis for nude scenes].’ There wasn’t enough material for a sock for me. And they couldn’t fly one in for the weight regulations of the island or something…”  This instantly transforms Couples Retreat from a decently-performing comedy into the season’s most successful horror film.

Link: Faizon’s For Real (Uinterview)

Simpson, MargeThe Simpsons matriarch appears in a 3-page pictorial in November’s issue of Playboy, but not naked; the nudity will be “implied.”  With Heidi Montag staying partially clothed in her first Playboy shoot, this continues the trend of celebrities not baring all in Playboy.  Knowing how we feel about Heidi here at TBTS, is it weird that I’d rather see a cartoon woman naked?

Link: Marge Simpson In Playboy (Huffington Post)

Reynolds, RyanPeople magazine relates this about his skydiving stint, but it also mirrors his career: “While attempting to earn his skydiving license [Two Guys, A Girl, and A Pizza Place], Ryan Reynolds’s final jump went horribly wrong. When he pulled the chute, ‘What came out is what they call a “bag of garbage.”[Van Wilder, Buying the Cow]  It just came out vertically, not horizontally and I became a human meteorite,’ he told Newsday. He managed to land safely [The Proposal, Deadpool] and vowed never to skydive again [no more National Lampoon movies].”

Link: Ryan Reynolds Trivia (People)

Theron, Charlize – Tomlin pointed out in yesterday’s Entertation Index that a woman paid $140,000 at a charity event to kiss Charlize Theron for 20 seconds.  My quandary: if I had had $140,001 to blow, I can’t decide if I would have paid for a 20-second lip-lock with her, or saved the money and watched her smooch another woman.  Either way, though, I win.

Link: Charlize’s Charity Kiss (Blippitt)

Trump, Ivanka – Mr. Trump’s daughter was married this last weekend to Jared Kushner.  Jared will now hear the two famous words no one wants to hear from The Donald: “Welcome, son.”  (You thought it was “You’re fired”?)

Link: Ivanka Gets Married (Pop Sugar)

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